Music Festival Camping
Music Festival Camping

Photo galleries

AUM Festival is a wonderland of visual experiences. Each summer we invite a crew of talented photographers and videographers to join us and capture some of the magic.

Documenting festivals through photography is an art in itself and each photographer brings a different eye to a festival.

Some photographers specialise in capturing moments of friendship and fun, others the vivid colour of the performing art, or the epic night time visuals on the music stages.

Over the years some breathtaking photos have been taken at AUM. The galleries here show the journey we’ve been on over the years, and we’ll be adding some new(old) galleries as we go. Many have never been published before.

We invited our photographers to chose some of their own favourite photos for each gallery.

We understand that festival experiences mean different things to different people. If you spot yourself in a photo here you’d like to see disappear please message us on Facebook.

AUM 2022 by Nabulen

AUM 2022 by Life Like Film

AUM 2022 by Gabriel Metcalfe

AUM 2022 by Mili Villamil