Aum New Year’s Festival

Aum New Year’s Festival

Aum New Years Festival is a family friendly, music and arts camping festival held north of Auckland featuring music, performance art, wellness/healing and themed nights held across multiple stages and zones. Aum Festival is held at an idyllic camp grounds and kanuka forest.

We are New Zealand’s joyful, inclusive, loving, community spirit event.


Music is sacred at Aum Festival. Our dance-floors are our church. We aim to bring you the most soul uplifting sounds from New Zealand and around the world. The most cutting edge music lineups with a no compromise attitude and zero interest in ‘following the leader’ or playing what’s popular.

You can expect the most delicious aural vibes created by the most talented musicians possible. Expect the psychedelic. Expect the unexpected. Expect to be moved by our state-of-the-art sound systems and mesmerised by our visual production values which we treat as a performance art.

Our festival is home to a range of music including psytrance, techno, live rock and psychedelic rock, drum & bass, house, dub and downbeat, bass music, chill-out, world music and more across four curated festival stages.


Aum Festival is about creating something new every year, to be a local platform for the music and art we love. To invite and encourage all kinds of incredible visual art, performing art, ideas, interactions and creativity, and to support the beautiful artists of all kinds whom we are so privileged to have in our lives. We commit each year to offering artists from Aotearoa prominence on our line-up and to encourage and showcase new talent.

Whether at the Midnight Cabaret or Daytime Gala show, DJing at one of the stages, playing live at The Hub, or creating visual art for all to enjoy – the creativity on offer is epic with around 120 artists showcasing their magic.


Aum Festival is a love story that began with this sentence: “Let’s create an event and feel the joy of giving & receiving. Together. As a community.”

Through gorgeous, sustainable, original, cutting edge, friendly and safe events we bring together beautiful, like-minded people and tribes to gather and celebrate as one.

What is important to us? Inclusiveness. Kindness and love. Integrity.

Festival Wellness
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Performing Artist

Festival Stages, Art and Camping

Scenes from last Aum New Year’s Festival

Camping Festival

Our breathtaking camping area

Music Festival NZ

The Kanuka Stage, our house and techno zone curated by Lo-Fi Productions

Circus Performance

The Midnight Cabaret showcasing performing arts

More amazing new years photos on our Facebook page HERE

Aum Village where you’ll find amazing food stalls including vegetarian & vegan options

Wellness activities

Yoga and wellness activities in the Healing Glade

techno festival

The new years eve Psytrance showcase on the White Stag stage

Introducing: the Auckland Blues Festival 2022

Introducing the

Auckland Blues Festival

After nearly two decades of planning and waiting for just the right moment, we just couldn’t wait any more.

On 12 November 2022 we will be delivering a beautifully planned, family-focused boutique and bespoke blues festival designed for discerning tastes. Visit for more info. Or click the image below to visit the Ticket Fairy pre-registration page.

Auckland Blues Festival 2022
Auckland Blues Festival 2022