Buy Tickets to Aum Festival 2023


AUM New Year’s Festival 2024

Here’s the main info about our tickets in one place for your convenience before you head to The Ticket Fairy to buy.

Buy Tickets to AUM Festival 2024

Exclusively at The Ticket Fairy

Click here to be taken to The Ticket Fairy

Pay off your tickets in instalments or with Afterpay

Make life easier by paying your ticket off in instalments before the festival, or with the Afterpay option. Details for both can be found on the payment page of the ticket purchase process.


AUM tickets are available only through The Ticket Fairy. All tickets have the users name on them and IDs are checked at the gate.

Tickets purchased through other platforms (Viagogo, Tixel, Trade Me) are not valid.

If you want to buy/sell a ticket from someone the sale must be conducted through The Ticket Fairy transfer system so that the proper name change can occur and payment/refunds made for the safety of both parties.

Do not trust any other site claiming to be able to check or transfer our tickets. We advise against using any third party platform as we can’t help with any issues that arise from doing so.

In the meantime, thank you all for being so amazing. Last new years was a festival for the ages and we cant wait to lift our game even higher for you this year. SHINE ON!

Children and youth tickets

Children and youth tickets are add-ons during the ticket buying process at The Ticket Fairy.

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian (please message us for info on this) for the duration of the festival.

Add-on tickets can be found on the second page when you buy tickets. Prices: 0-5 years – free, 6-15 years – $65, 16-17 years – $150.

Anyone who has turned 18 by the start of the festival will require a full adult ticket. IDs will be checked.

Buy Tickets to Aum Festival 2023
Buy Tickets to Aum Festival 2023
Buy Tickets to Aum Festival 2023

Photos by Nabulen

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Buy Tickets to Aum Festival