AUM Universe community art

by Nicolas Urquiza

Over the two summers at AUM in 2021 and 2022 artist Nicolas Urquiza created a space for the collective minds of festival-goers to create collaborative artworks.

On the pathway to the Kānuka stage Nico offered a space under the trees where people could sit in the shade and cut items out of the stacks of magazines he had and create collages of inspired juxtaposition.

Nico scanned and printed out the art for people to take home as a memento. Hundreds of AUMsters helped on designs and can be proud to have been part of this festival community art concept.

The scans were also then animated into seven short films which Nico composed music to and which were displayed at AUM 2023 as part of the visuals for the music stages.

Nico has this to say about creating AUM Universe,

“I never imagined that the installation would be so popular. I am very happy that people become true fans of the installation. I think that many needed to use some of their time to create a design and to get a gift copy printed on the spot was the icing on the cake.”

The idea was inspired by Nico’s experiences at AUM,

“Children, parents and grandparents mix for 3 days and nights in ancestral lands to celebrate the arrival of the new year on a dance floor. AUM Universe is difficult to describe in words, better to live it.”

Nico’s accompanying music to the project is under the artist name Head In The Moon.

The AUM Universe collage gallery

Nicolas Urquiza on Instagram

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