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Applications for performers, vendors, wellness, artists and volunteers

Building a temporary festival community requires people spanning many talents. We invite you to be part of our team. Some roles are in creative areas such as musicians, performers or visual artists. Others include wellness practitioners, vendors or people to help build and run the festival.

We have roles in admin, site and stage management, support crew, builders, painters and more. They include pre-festival site-build, during-festival work, and post festival pack-down. Volunteering is a popular option for backpackers discovering Aotearoa New Zealand and we love the international vibe that they bring along. Volunteering is great if you’re travelling solo and want to join an excellent team of lovely humans and meet new friends.

Our Healing Glade zone invites health and wellness practitioners. It also hosts workshops in a range of topics such as recycling, urban farming, plant based diets, massage and more.

Applications close on different dates depending on the category and demand.

2024 festival applications open Saturday, 25 May.

Please apply using the appropriate form below. Note: if a form has ‘closed’ on it then applications for that area are full.