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AUM is a love story that began with this sentence: “Let’s create an event and feel the joy of giving and receiving. Together.”

Our mission is to create gorgeous, sustainable, original, cutting edge, friendly and safe environments for beautiful people and tribes to gather and celebrate as one.

To explore and share in the abundance of love, music and art in this world.

To be a platform for all kinds of incredible art, music, ideas, interactions, wellness and creativity.

To support, in real terms, the beautiful artists of all kinds whom we are so privileged to have in our lives.

Our passion is people. We create from the heart with eternal gratitude.

What is important to us?









Environmental sustainability



Wholesome, memorable experiences

Inclusive festival community

A wholesome community vibe


Music is sacred at AUM. Our dance-floors are our church. We were founded from a love of psytrance festivals which remains close to our hearts in the way we approach decor and visuals – which is why AUM has such a unique vibe.

Each summer we bring you the most soul uplifting sounds from Aotearoa New Zealand and all around the world. We search for cutting-edge artists spanning psytrance, house and techno, dub, downbeat, drum & bass, bass music, psychedelic rock, folk and more across four zones.

We also commit each year to give emerging Kiwi talent opportunities to perform alongside icons of the music scene.

Expect delicious aural vibes created by talented musicians playing on the best sound systems possible and on gorgeous, hand-created festival stages. Expect to be moved.


We include as much art in all of its forms wherever possible at our events. We actively support art and artists in every way we can and try to bring colour and vibrancy to everything we do.

A team over over 30 artists create art on-site each year in fun, engaging and immersive pieces. You can see the artists creating them and have a chat while they do.

Community art projects have been popular at our recent festivals with kids and adults contributing to certain artworks. They’re a lot of fun so expect to have more chances to collaborative this new year.

AUM is not just a place to view art, it is a place to DO art! So please join in.

Check out our festival art


AUM is one of the cleanest, litter free events in Aotearoa. We were reducing waste, minimising water use, and recycling/upcycling our building materials long before it was fashionable or a marketing line.

We continually seek to improve how we do things to reduce our impact on the environment, and we use local suppliers whenever we can.

Our festival art is also created with sustainability in mind – making use of pre-used materials where possible and which can later be used again.

We want this thing to last so we strive to ensure sustainability in all areas, from our business model, support of local suppliers, to the delivery of zero waste events.

Our sustainability path is about continued improvement each year and sharing what we learn and achieve with the wider community.




Respect and consideration

AUM Festival is famous for being safe and friendly and is popular with international travellers because of the welcoming vibe. That’s because of all of you.

Look after your mates, buddy up so you’ve always got someone if you need them – even if it’s to go grab a bite or go for a wander.

Look after our land and the animals that share it with us.

Pick up your rubbish. Openly pick it up in front of others and encourage them to do the same.

Be kind to others, they will likely be kind straight back.


What is consent?

It’s not just about sex.

Would you like a hug?

Can I touch your costume?

Can I sit here?

Do you feel like talking to me?

Are you feeling comfortable?

Would you like to…?

If you don’t receive an enthusiastic YES then it’s a NO.

Community safety

The AUM team are committed to providing a safe place for everyone to see their new year in and to encourage our community to behave in a safe way!

For this reason we have our Safety Zone which is located next to the entrance to AUM Village area by the top of the campground.

We have medics who are specially trained for festivals so can assist you with whatever medical needs you may have.

Haven is our event safe space. There you will find a team of people that are trained to hold space for you, whether you’re feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed, anxious or just in need of a friendly face. Also look out for the roaming Space Patrol team wearing purple vests. They are the mobile Haven team dedicated to ensuring that you’re having a great time and are feeling comfortable and safe.

Our security team are on site to be helpful to you and they’re good at it. They work alongside the gate team and can be seen roaming the festival site.

If you have any issues just let one of them know and they will ensure that the right person is alerted to come and assist you.

The best times are when we’re all having fun, being respectful, behaving consensually and looking out for each other. This is part of the AUM culture and we welcome you to be a part of it!

Know Your Stuff NZ are on-site next to the safety zone. They offer confidential drug checking services so you can know if what you’ve got is what you think it is. They can also advise you on what’s out there that is not good, what’s out there that is too good – so you know to take less. They have much other useful information too.

The Know Your Stuff team are a wealth of knowledge and are keen to share it with you so don’t hesitate to visit them and have a chat with the team.

Visit the Know Your Stuff website:

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