wellness at the healing glade

Each year we host a range of wellness and educational offerings. Wellness is at the heart of AUM Festival. It can be found through community connections, sharing a dance floor, or taking part in workshops or sessions in the Healing Glade.

The Healing Glade is located in a gorgeous quiet valley surrounded by trees and with a creek running through it. Local wild deer can be seen walking around most days too.

Workshops and classes

Spend three days and nights surrounded by friendly faces and positive vibes – it’s like an instant wellness boost! The Healing Glade health and wellness schedule is comprehensive, ranging from daily yoga under the open sky, invigorating breathwork classes, soothing massages, blissful meditation sessions and more.

Mind Food

Dive into our informative workshops where you can explore urban farming secrets, dive into recycling innovations, learn about plant-based diets and nutrition, learn self-healing techniques, master traditional poi and flax weaving.

It’s wholesome mind food that will leave you inspired.

welcome to the healing glade

Morning yoga classes

NZ summer festival

Quiet area and Reiki workshops

Circus Performance

Meditation workshops


NZ summer festival

Massage workshops

Circus Performance

Beginners acro-yoga

Buddhist handreading

NZ summer festival

Plant-based nutrition and cooking workshop

Circus Performance

Massage therapy available

The wedding of AUM co-founders Anna and JP

Circus Performance

The path to our magical location

NZ summer festival

Wild deer paying a visit


Zenthai shiatsu, Mindful listening, Flow yoga, Festival self-care, Recycling techniques, Chiropractic, Tarot reading.

Each year we offer different wellness activities and workshops. If you have something to offer in this area you think would suit, please apply using the form on the Get Involved page.