Every now and again an event brand comes along that transcends the norm of its time. That sets a new style and platform for the art, raising the bar in show quality and consistently exceeding the expectations of their audience. A true originator for others to only follow.

An event brand that most importantly, brings beautiful, like-minded people together,

creating friendships and memories that will last forever.

One of those very rare brands that earns the title of Legendary.

Velvet, the Night of Sumptuous Decadence was one of these

Held at a secret inner city venue, on November 30th 2019 you can expect a night curated to the highest level of refinement, with details no other event brings. Exceptional sound quality and visual production, multiple rooms of the finest house selectors bringing the passion and musical focus Velvet demands, including three deeply heart felt tribute sets for our lost brothers, incredible performance artists, beautiful bespoke decor, world class sculpture and art, and a room full of beloved friends coming together one more time in all of your finery, to do it the way only we did.Velvet is not like any other event. Velvet was a benchmark.

We intend your night to set the bar once more. Be excited. This will be a night to remember.

No Mask No Entry ¬ This is a costume party. Dress to impress

R30 ¬ Recommended age minimum (R18 licenced venue)

November 30th 2019

DOORS 5:00pm ¬ CLOSE 1:00am 

Finger food provided, but why not have a lovely meal in the area before you arrive.

Glass of bubbles upon arrival. Come early. Do not drink and drive

By Bevan Keys

Lost November 9 2014

True soul brother Soane returns to the velvet floor for the second time. Soane’s career has absolutely soared in the past 2 years, with some truly amazing achievements to his name including producing several fine deep cuts. Regarded as one of the finest proponents of Deep House in NZ, with the ability to take you on a fantastic journey throughout a set . Soane will be finishing off the night in our talent saturated `Red Safari Room’.

Tonights tribute DJ
Bevan Keys.
Bevan is back for his 9th velvet. You know what to expect from this man, pure delicious sexy house, all delivered with a smile. Bevan is one of the finest djs in the country, is the musical talent behind Nice ‘n Urlich and has melted thousands of hearts on dance floors for decades , He will be laying down a extra special set for Velvet Masquerade.  Could there be a more perfect compliment to our brother Soane.

By Uncle Phil

Darryl Milne
Lost June 10 2012

One of the hottest talents in NZ house music, and tipped to be the next `big name’! The boy is HOT property. Darryl is a sizzling gift to Auckland’s music scene, with his own Deep organic house grooves and incredible mixing abilities. He paints an interesting sound-scape of the finest driving house. Back for his 7th velvet by popular demand. Starting fires in the main room. Bring some water!

Tonights tribute DJ
Mr Brown aka Unclephil – Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa) – House DJ DJ & Flow Selector with fans from all around the globe Mr Brown aka Unclephil is phat like his House Selections & Smooth like his 20 foot jump shot. His influence into the DJ Game goes back to the late eighties(1987) from the likes of his oldest brother DJ Keno & DJ Terry G(Terry Gabb) playing a diverse style of House, Nu-Disco, Classic Disco, Hip Hop, RnB & Old Skool.

Anyone & Everyone thats been lucky to be on the dancefloor when this DJ of Kiwi/Samoan origin gets in the DJ Booth knows that they are in for a REAL treat! A purveyor of heartfelt, slick seamless beats DJ-ing is first & foremost his passion and has been since the early years. He has played with and supported names such as Derrick Carter(Chicago), Stacy Kidd III(Chicago), Fred Everything(Canada), Jason Hodges(Canada), Thomas Sahs(Austin,Texas) and Roy Davis Jr(Chicago)just to name a few. London, Ibiza and Singapore are on his DJ resume of global locations hes played at and shown his brand of DJing Flava & Style.

Having recently moved back to Auckland after a 2.5 Year absence he is back jamming at some of Aucklands coolest venues Redbar, Floston Paradise & Parked Up Beer Garden & Cafe. At the end of the day Mr Brown aka Unclephil is just happy he has the opportunity to play and share his love of HOUSE MUSIC.

By Paul Gunn

Glenn Marsh
Lost October 23 2008

Glenn has been with Velvet since way back in the Waggamama days. He returns to Velvet once again to bring you his own unique style of deep driving underground house. With an extensive record collection that goes back over 10 years and crosses several genres, you can expect some twists and turns and something a little different from the norm.

Tonights tribute DJ
After discovering proper deep house at seminal club Calibre in the late 90s, Paul started to collect vocal infused house and techno which he began sharing at clubs such as Ink, Calibre, Trench and Aisha in the 2000s. The love for music has never gone away and he’s still sharing beats to this day.


Co-founder of Velvet
Brotha Trav! 

Creator of the term `Discoish house’, infamous legend of the Angle Bar, Krd international man of mystery and all round funky muthafucka.


Who’s the dodgy hippie in the middle?

Co-Founder of Velvet, and director of AUM
John Paul Moss

Who knows what he’s going to drop on the decks for Velvet. Buckle up! 


Often referred to as New Zealand’s Godfather of House music Greg’s journey began in 1984 as co-host to a Friday night dance music show on the Christchurch student radio station RDU.

However it’s more as a DJ/Producer for the past 30 years with releases on many of the world’s premier dance labels: Underwater, Ministry Of Sound (UK) Toolroom, Great Stuff, Hed Kandi, Azuli, and Gung Ho Recordings that Greg’s immense reputation both locally and internationally has been truly cemented.

In 2004 Greg became at the time ,only the 3rd New Zealand based recording artist to hit the UK top100 on 2 occasion with tracks Budonkadonk and Body Slander.

In 2006 Greg became the first NZ Dj to release and record on the legendary Ministry Of Sound (UK) with the highly acclaimed compilation  “It’s Only A Mix Tape voted Compilation of the month by Mixmag magazine.

Previously one half of  New Zealand premier duo Aural Trash (alongside Angela Fisken) Greg has been

voted New Zealand DJ of the year on no less than 6 occasions and has also been  recipient of two prestigious BNets awards.

Now into year 17 of a Friday night residency at Auckland’s legendary Ink Bar , Greg can also be found every Friday 1-2pm  on Friday’s Are Different  on Geor

To listen further:






Mata has played in over 10 Funk Factory parties, runs our radio show, and holds residencies at our favourite clubs. Sure signs of the mans abilities and our love of them. His style is a unique blend of bold, energetic percussive funk. His broad taste in quality cuts will take him far. Smooth mixing and a feel for the floor, another pick to lead the way to the future of NZ house.

Mata was also the hyper talented graphic artist for all Velvet fliers, posters, website and other artwork from velvet 007 onward. He has very kindly done the new poster and image artwork for this event also. Basically, Mata was a vital part of our team.

He, like Bevan Keys, is also an alien that apparently never ages.

Based in Auckland, NZ, Sabin has been at the leading edge of Auckland’s underground house scene since she started playing in 1999 and learnt her trade throughout the land, becoming resident at venues and parties, such as SPQR, Velvet, Fu Bar and The Loft.


The night she unexpectedly had to fill in and spin some tunes for her drunken DJ boyfriend, she accidentally fell in love with DJing… and when she fell, she sure fell hard! Her boyfriend instructed her to just ‘blend the two records together… you know, just like you do at home’, but she promptly grew tired of that and thought, ‘f**k this, I’m gonna mix!’ She had certainly never daydreamed as a wee child about growing up and becoming a DJ! That fateful evening she ended up staying on the decks for about four hours and when the bar closed was reluctantly dragged home. Later, when she first experienced the overwhelming rush that comes from playing to a solid dancefloor, there was no cure, she was seriously hooked and her life would change forever.

In 2002 Rachael set off on her big overseas adventure. She stepped right out of her comfort zone and moved to London with the lofty, shimmering goal of travelling the world playing music. Along with her new DJ partner, Mark Pickering, she started a bi-weekly Saturday evening radio show on Worldwide FM, London’s original online radio station. The show ended up being the most popular on air, averaging at between three and four thousand unique listeners per show, logging on from all over the world. DJs would frequently contact Rachael to request a guest spot on The JADED Show, ‘cause the reputation for it being a blast had spread far and wide! Guests included Timo Garcia, Dean Webb, Andy Taylor, Derrick Carter, Anthea, Giles Smith, Jafar, Tim Red, Satsuma, Anthony Cox, Jen Gannon, Ben Jam, Dan Air and Jamie Winter.

Rachael has forged her own path as a purveyor of deep, emotive and sultry house and techno of the highest order. You can always rely on her to keep the audience entranced, she loves dropping a track that’s completely unexpected, hates doing the same mix twice and absolutely adores to surprise and delight her dancefloor. Her all-time favourite producers include Moodymann, Metro Area, Miguel Migs and Joshua.

While living abroad for three years, Rachael was in great demand. Residencies ensured she predominantly played in London, but she also played away in Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, York, Dublin, Glasgow, Pisa, Florence, Ibiza, Murcia, Barcelona, Croatia and Moscow.

She was lucky enough to play in some of London’s most famous clubs and pubs, such as Fabric, Home, The End, AKA, Cargo, Medicine Bar, Bar Rumba, 333, Mother Bar, Hoxton Bar & Grill, The Ten Bells, The Retreat, 93 Feet East, The White Horse, The Gate, Zigfreids, The Royal George, The Key, Egg, The Cross, Heaven, SE1, Bar Vinyl, Phoenix, The Pool Bar, Ruby Lo, Thirteen, Plan B, Nama Bar, and MOS.

Rach also played at some of the best promoted ‘real house’ nights in London including her own Sunday club, JADED, as well as Daycare, Fevah, Glorious, International Rescue, Soul Jam, Etiquette, Secret Sundaze, Spacifics, Deliquent Soul and On a Need to Know Basis, alongside DJ luminaries such as Maurice Fulton, Kenny Hawkes, Luke Howard, Ben Davis, Luke Solomon, Miles Holloway, Winston Hazel, Paul Murphy, Alison Marks, Andrew Casher, Tim Sheridan, Neil Moochin, Ewen Cameron, Yousef, Elliott Eastwick, Jo Mills, Tim Webster, Stuart Patterson, James Priestly, Tom Gillieron, Anthony Cox, Jason Spencer, Fidias Abellan and Jo Mills.

Rachael’s vibrant personality, impressive technical skills and unique ability to hypnotise and seduce the dancefloor ensure that she’s kept busy. Always keeping it real and playing the hottest deep house and techno – make sure you catch one of her sets soon. You’ll find her at Ink, or Red Bar in Auckland, as well as her residency at all Aum Productions festivals and events. She has promoted JADED and TECHNOLOGYSTOLEMYVINYLE club nights in Auckland in the past and now plays live and produces music as CLEVER BOX. She’s currently running some very successful gigs with a focus on live electronic acts and producers called CLEVER BOX & FRIENDS, as well as launching a new music and art collective called THE JOY ADMINISTRATION.


A regular face on the thriving club/Festival scene since 1998, and affectionately known as the Reverend, Gav has been well known for his diverse sets and filling the dancefloors since the days of vinyl-only, and has also been at the helm of the music for many of Auckland’s leading party spots until 2009, including Lenin, Met bar, Sponge and of course ASTA. Back in NZ now after extensive travel for nearly ten years and working closely with some of the. best in the business, he’s ready to reunite with the Velvet brand for the first time since 2001- there’ll be some memories flooding back once he hits the decks!


DJ, Vinyl Specialist

DJ Ned Roy is a vinyl specialist experienced in providing music and live entertainment for bars, clubs, , special occasions and welcoming overseas artists. He is a well-known international taste-maker based between Hawaii  Australia  Auckland, New Zealand. Ned expertly curates the soundscape, taking into consideration the venue, audience, occasion & vibe. His love for music has seen DJ Ned Roy host his own Music Television program, “Old Skool” on Juice TV in New Zealand. Ned was also headhunted and interviewed for ‘The Story of the DJ’ – a documentary that features many respected international DJs  (soon to be released).

DJ Ned Roy has an accolade of awards and titles, winning the Battle of the Turntables Hawaii in 1988, the First New Zealand DMC Championship in 1989 and the 1997 DMC Championship in Australia. He was also a New Zealand DMC judge in 2001, 2002, 2003, & 2013. Ned Roy has been involved in the BBOY world Events for over 25 years. He opened for the Red Bull BC One, the 2012 Asia Pacific Qualifier Event at Auckland’s Vector Arena & the Battle of the Year in Germany in 2003, 2005 & 2007. Ned has supported many diverse artists including Afrika Bambaataa, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, Salt-N-Pepa, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube, MC Lyte and Public Enemy to name a few. He continues to travel internationally as a full-time DJ.


: The Battle of the Turntables Hawaii Champ 1988, the First New Zealand DMC Championship in 1989 and the 1997 DMC Championship in Australia. New Zealand DMC judge in 2001, 2002, 2003, & 2013.


Levani Joined Velvet for our very second party and was the man with the slick percussion on nearly every other Velvet show. A beautiful man with a beautiful heart, Levani has been a main-stay of funky percussion in Auckland for over two decades. Let his rhythym get you. 



Hannah Tasker-Poland exists as a force-of-nature. Hanging somewhere between the human and the divine, she is the embodiment of movement alchemy – shape-shifting, twisting and transforming within her vessel of flesh, meat and bones, acting as a channel and a gateway for creative expression and possession.

Hannah has forged one hell of a path during her 15 years in the industry as a dance-artist, choreographer, actor, SPFX body paint & prosthetics performer, burlesque and fetish artist, stunt performer, model and muse, touring nationally and internationally with her body of work.

She is well known for her unique brand of avant-garde, captivating, physically brilliant, often confronting and unsettlingly sexy performances, with “What the f#*k did I just watch?!” one of the most common responses after witnessing one of HTP’s live acts, followed closely by “I am aroused … and confused”. Usually covered in paint, prosthetics, blood or fire, you may have seen her covered in meat while ripping her tits off and eating them, dousing herself in Listerine, growing extra genitals on unexpected parts of her body or shooting fireballs across the stage, this sex-witch sorceress has been a hard-hitter at many of the top events and festivals throughout Australasia with the innovative merging of disciplines in her acts.

Fiercely feminist and femme-AF, Hannah creates visually stunning and visceral performance experiences that use her platform, body and voice to challenge perceptions of women/female identifying folk in art and society, presenting strong body autonomy, ownership of eroticism and sexuality, celebrating queer identities and showcasing powerful female+ storytelling and performance to empower and inspire.

Hannah is absolutely dripping over being part of Velvet, and will be laying her body and everything contained within it completely bare with a brand new, seductively raw offering.

Photo: James Yang
Body paint: BodyFX NZ

Medulla Oblongata [mĭ-dŭl’ə ŏb’lông-gä’tə] International woman of mystery. Adopted by a wolf pack basking on the shores of the Elegant Isles, in a manner emphatic and free.
Siren and Girl Friday to passing pirates. 25% Sugar, 25% spice, 49.95% All Things Nice and 0.05 % trace metabolites.
Responsible for the gag reflex.
Refugee. Stateless. Human rights activist.

That roach you found in your old mans jacket. Multidimensional being. Penny420


Xenosquad is a hivemind alien doof squad exiled to earth to dance up cosmic storms with the humans…

What started as two colourful baby trippers doing their thing has now evolved into a fluid collective of queer artists, who love to express and exalt their alien nature through ultraviolet body art and custom costuming. A cyberpunk-meets-fantasy aesthetic is always carried through the looks, many of which now use 3D printed components and up-cycled electronics.

Much of what drives the collective is the beautiful response the art has had; as we express ourselves fully and unapologetically, others around us are encouraged to find the same creative liberation and exaltation of their unique souls.

Morgan Laboratories (Marcus Morgan), is the man behind the incredible visuals and video art of AUM.
Now becoming widely recognised for his unique work, Morgan Labs is nothing short of one of the most original stunning visual artists in the country and is regularly being compared with legends such as TAS Visuals. 
Prepare to be blown away as Morgan Labs transforms our main room into a wrap around immersive world of visual delight.

One lucky Velvet attendee will win a painting Andrew will be doing on the night. To be drawn at random at the show.

Andrew Turner is a Scottish artist raised in Dubai, who moved to New Zealand in the late eighties. His brightly coloured abstract shapes are a style Turner has been working on for some time, citing Wellington artist Robert McCleod as a mentor who taught him a lot and influenced him even more.andrew turner art for sale and hire from mobile art gallery

Turner says that it is the prospect of what you can do with perspective that drives him to create. “It’s the idea of perspective and the way that you can use perspective to create depth and colour. It’s that manipulation of perspective that is very similar to graffiti art, which is why I like working with graffiti artists.”

When writing the proposal for a graffiti art exhibition at ‘Artspace’ in 1996, Turner wrote “Graffiti is a statement of youth, the public saying, “we live here too, we are alive, and this is who we are.” That was in 1996, when graffiti was fighting for survival.

From his first exhibition at Cafe DKD in 1989 to the present, there are a handful of recurring themes in Turner’s work. Among them are landscapes and buildings. It is the latter, and particularly sky-scrapers, that he is most excited about, expressing that he would love to have some of his paintings made into real buildings someday.


Examples of Andrew’s work can be seen at Mobile Art Gallery, 23 Edwin Street, Mt Eden


OJ Mclean has been with Aum Productions from the very beginning, initially creating a lush LED covered jungle canopy after being heavily influenced by “The Jungle Book” movie as a child.

Drawing on additional influences from Burne Hogarth’s “Tarzan” comic as a teen and also the movie “Predator” with its vividly lush tropical environment, Owen developed the concept of an indoor jungle he could take anywhere.

After many years experimenting with different ideas, the time came when owen  decided to bring his vision in to reality. Years in the making, months in the creating, weeks in the rejigging,days in enjoying, hours in the hanging, his dream is now fully realised.

Dale Richie’s talents extend beyond the turntables and into the world of visual. He first started producing visual art for music events in the 1990’s in the form of geometric designs, optical illusions and stage design. After moving to NZ his passion for creating visual art was reignited after becoming a Burner and being inspired by the visual art at festivals.

His latest art first appeared at Aum NYE 2018 and after nothing but positive feedback he’s decided to return again with more.

Dale spends the first part of the year looking for inspiration for new concepts and ideas to create something unique. The rest of the year is spent sourcing materials and converting those concepts and ideas into reality using low power lighting effects that bring his art to life at night.