Sandy’s journey into being a part of the Aum art crew started with a birthday gift to one of the owners of AUM Productions.  She created a paper flower and bought it to one of their events. To her delight they put it on the stage, where it was loudly appreciated by the attendees.

After that event Sandy was invited to make a larger, more complex flower for the AUM Raglan festival, and “flower MKII” evolved.  Sandy holds fond memories of driving to Raglan with a half finished flower in the back of her old Holden, putting it together just in the nick of time with the help of some amazing people.

Since then Sandy’s flowers have been a fixture at subsequent Aum events, an oft-remarked upon feature enjoyed by all.  Various artists have projected their work onto Sandy’s flowers, which lend themselves beautifully to such activity with their hypnotic, geometric designs.

Sandy says: “It is always such a buzz seeing them being being projected on to, and I can’t wait to see the latest flowers I have made for them at the Deep Forest event”.

Expect to see more of Sandy’s inspirational work at upcoming AUM events, with larger, even more amazing flowers to enchant and delight.