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Performance Art, Circus, Cabaret and more

PERFORMANCE ARTISTS. Each year AUM Festival is blessed by many wonderful performance artists from all around Aotearoa and the world. From poets and spoken word artists to aerial artists, to fire and glow performers, and even burlesque late at night when the wee ones have gone to bed.

This year you can expect even more than last year as we work to expand the offerings of these beautiful art forms throughout the festival programme and into the Gala and the Midnight Cabaret shows which proved so popular last year. You’ll see some of them join the performances on the music stages even after last year’s hugely fun “juggling to techno” show.

Just a teeny taste of whats in store
Here is the first performance artist showcase of some of the talent joining us this year to mesmerise and entertain us all. And keep an eye out for the AUM Festival Guide to which will have more info. Until then, enjoy these performer profiles.


She’s a Pin-up vixen with as many curves as your friendly neighborhood cul-de-sac and well known for her over-the-top stage antics and theatrical expressions. She is none other than the queer weirdo that is Kiki Kisses. Performing throughout NZ & Australia, Kiki has experience across the board from classical ballroom through to spontaneously WAPing at 2am. She’s won many accolades in both the Pin-up and burlesque worlds – her most recent being the prestigious Supreme Grand tease award, Miss Pinup NZ, and reining Duchess of New Zealand Burlesque Festival. By night she sparkles, but by day she is the proud designer of the jewellery brand Kunty Couture and recently became an NZ wedding celebrant to marry all your queer butts out there! A true entertainer in the many facets of the word, her performances can leave you turned on, crying with laughter or perhaps a little bit of both….


Introducing Evelyn Coulson and Nick Taz Davies from Twenty Toes that will be performing partner acrobatics in the midnight cabaret. After a lockdown full of creation at their studio space ‘The Bone Zone’, they are well marinated for a juicy performance!

Follow them on instagram @twentytoescircus!


 Hailing in on a tiny bike, Beth St John is a Jack of all things performer and inevitably found standing on her hands. Catch her at the Midnight Cabaret throwing down some spins on her big-ass wheel.


RikTheMost is a vegan, queer, non-binary, polyamorous spoken word artist, who spends most of their spare time making homophobes feel uncomfortable.

They have been commissioned by the BBC; made numerous National & International Slam Final stages around the world; are the New Zealand Poetry Society’s Vice President; run NZ’s only regular online spoken word event, and they are literally here on an “Exceptional Talent In The Arts Visa”, so words really are kinda their thing.

They also organise and MC our Gala and Midnight Cabaret shows at Aum, so you’ll be seeing a lot of them… particularly if you come to the Cabaret 😉

Find RikTheMost on one of these jumps: