What a ride we’ve had to make it to number 10. The friends we’ve made, the art we’ve created, the costumes you’ve made, the community we created together.

Without further ado, we introduce AUM Festival 2024:

AUMNIBUS will be a new year’s celebration of our previous festival themes wrapped into one complete leather-bound volume.

Aumnibus is a vessel of endless possibilities, a journey through the fragments of AUM Festival’s history with each story intertwined and interconnected. It’s a tapestry of fond memories bound in a book of magic where every word and image is a heartbeat, a fairytale, a sanctuary, a reminder to smile and dance every once in a while.

We invite you to join us in this collection of tales, intertwined and bold, bound together in a beautiful whole, a journey of memories that soothe the soul.

A thank you note from the AUM crew

“The amount of hard work, dedication, love, support and pure creative energy it takes to successfully get a festival to its 10th birthday is nothing short of phenomenal.

Together, the team, contributors and you, our most beloved Aumsters have built AUM Festival into something very special indeed. A benchmark realisation of safety, consideration, unity, diversity, connectedness, stunning art and music. AUM Festival is nothing short of the kind of magical gathering that dreams are made of. Kick ass party too!

This year is our opportunity to say thank you to all of the incredible humans that have and are a part of AUM Festival. You, our supporters are literally a dream come true. The most engaged, caring, helpful, environmentally conscious, and connected audience in the land. Thank you all so very much, from the bottoms of our hearts for choosing to holiday, share and experience this journey with us. Wow! You chose us! Just wow. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

With this in mind we decided that for our 10th birthday we should look back on what we have done together and celebrate each and every story we have told, culminating in where we are now. 

Welcome to the AUMNIBUS – a collection of the 10 themes we have danced, laughed, held-hands and made new friends through. Let us once more click our heels together three times saying “there’s no place like home” and take a trip through Psychedelic Wonderland, cut lose with Seuss, look behind the curtain to reveal with Wizard of AUM, hitchhike with our Aumsters Guide to the Galaxy, dance battle the pirates in Neverland, accept all for what we really are with a gleeful verse of “Manah-Manaum“, fly through the AUMniverse, experience the magic circus of the Imaginariaum, and take a deep dive in to the Aquariaum… Yes Yes! Step right up all of you beautiful beings, come in and take your place at the one and only, the magnificent, AUMNIBUS. An experience surpassing anything we have done before awaits.

Shine on you beautiful souls. Just meeting you is the most wondrous gift ever received.” – Mossy, Anna, Steve, and all of the AUM crew.

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Take a trip down memory lane


2023 festival theme: Aquariaum undersea adventures

NZ summer festival

2017: Wizard of AUM emerald city stage

Circus Performance

2022: Imaginariaum, a place of your wildest dreams

Circus Performance

2019: Never-land, just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings

NZ summer festival

2016: Seuss, explore the memories of the books oh so read, every night as a child before time for bed

Circus Performance

2021: AUMniverse contains everyone and everything. Everything belongs here

2018: Aumster’s Guide to the Galaxy

NZ summer festival

2015: Psychedelic Wonderland, follow the white rabbit and don’t be late

2020 theme: Mahna Manaum. It’time for the Manah-Manaum Show with our very special guest star YOU!


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