Aum Village

Welcome to the bustling but gentle heart of your festival. The AUM Village is where we gather and start our days adventures from, for this is where the story starts and ends.

Take a stroll through our artisan market place, Meet the wonderful people of the village, enjoy delicious food and wonderful coffee, find a relaxing place to sit & chill,  immerse yourself in the live music on the Bush Theatre stage, marvel at the performance, poetry and other wonderful art. All manner of delightful things and places are to be found. Here is where you will find the festival information centre, there to assist you with whatever you need to know about your festival home.

Designed to cater for everyone, a gentle, colourful and sometimes rocking place to hang out. If need help with anything, AUM ambassadors will also be here and throughout the grounds. They will be easily identifiable in hi Viz.

Food Vendors

Aum Festival has a range of food outlets to cater to your preferences. This includes smoothies, coffee, tea, multiple vegan offerings, grilled steak sandwiches, fish & chips, wraps, Indian food, ice cream and more. Please message us on Facebook if you have special food requirements and we’ll see if one of this year’s vendors covers you.

Festival Glamping Package
Vegan Food
New Years Camping Festival