Music Festival Stage
Music Festival Stage

Aum Festival Stages


Set beautiful intentions for the coming year and dance as one together with the Earth and the star. This is our temple of the sacred dance… No shoes required.

Welcome to our music festival main stage. Discover the massive centerpiece of our psychedelic art showcase, the White Stag stage. Our team is busy in a wonderful collaboration to create for you what we hope will be one of the most beautiful stages and dance environments ever seen in New Zealand. Last year people were stunned by the lush surroundings, towering themed stage, mandala canopy, crystal clear sound, and one of the most mind blowing light & laser shows at any New Year’s music festival. For the 2021 festival all of this art goes to a whole new level.

THE KANUKA hosted by Lo-FI Productions

Kanuka is the throbbing nightclub heart of the festival. Welcome.

Here you will groove to some of the finest DJs and electronic acts from all around Aotearoa. Nestled in a lush gully, the Kanuka stage is sometimes hard to leave. It’s like a festival in its own right. This year we will be installing an ADAMSON sound system, one of the best in the world (which you will also find on the White Stag stage) for you to get the best aural pleasure possible from the array of techno and house artists who will be providing the vibes for that stage.

2021 saw LO-FI Productions return for their third year at AUM with another incredible stage take over featuring some of the best in the underground scene of New Zealand. Collectively, along with our selections, the Kanuka Stage provides one of New Zealand’s most focused underground techno and house experiences over new years.


Welcome to our live stage. Situated in the AUM Village, the HUB is where you will find all manner of eclectic and exciting live and electronic performance. Right at the heart of the festival. Bands, soloists, conscious music, spoken word, cirque performance art, comedy and more will take you on a wonderful journey while you and your family dine, explore, and immerse yourself in to the AUM experience.

Each year The Hub has grown in sophistication to become one a loved and talked about feature of the festival. For 2021 we re-imagined The Hub experience by amalgamating the old Bush Theatre and Hub into one double-ended zone. and carefully programmed it with a flowing and diverse line up of quality artists to cater for all tastes & moods throughout the festival.




THE HILL’ is Aum’s newest stage addition and has been part of the 2020 and 2021 festivals. It is nestled in lush grass and surrounded by trees,  and has been an absolutle smash hit with incredible stage take overs keeping the stage vibe high from open to close. In 2021 we brought the same quality back once more with LOCKDOWN LEGENDS madness!

Each year this zone cranks up the pace with harder, faster sounds of the underground. THE HILL is what you asked for… Look our for the sign posts and bring water coz you’re gonna sweat!

Roaming Special Features

2022 will see multiple special feature stages roaming the site. There will be parades, children’s and roaming performers performance areas and more. There will even be a very special kids disco show with an early countdown for the little ones who cant make it to midnight on the HUB.

Keep your eyes peeled, bring an instrument and join in the fun. Who knows where we’ll pop up.

Oh yeah… look out for the surprise re-imergence of something you all loved so very much a couple of years ago. Must stay silent about that though 😉