Set beautiful intentions for the coming year and dance as one together with the Earth and the star. This is our temple of the sacred dance… No shoes required.

Welcome to our main stage. Discover the massive centerpiece of our psychedelic art showcase. Our team is busy in a wonderful collaboration to create for you what we hope will be one of the most beautiful stages and dance environments ever seen in New Zealand. Last year people were stunned by the lush surroundings, towering themed stage, mandala canopy, crystal clear sound, and one of the most mind blowing light & laser shows at any New Year festival anywhere. This year all of this art goes to a whole new level.


Welcome to the bustling but gentle heart of your festival. The AUM Village  is where we gather and start our days adventures from, for this is where the story starts and ends. Take a stroll through our artisan market place, Meet the wonderful people of the village, enjoy delicious food and wonderful coffee, find a relaxing place to sit & chill,  immerse yourself in the live music on the Bush Theater stage, marvel at the performance, poetry and other wonderful art. All manner of delightful things and places are to be found.

Here is where you will find the festival information center, there to assist you with whatever you need to know about your festival home. Designed to cater for everyone, a gentle, colourful and sometimes rocking place to hang out. If need help with anything, AUM ambassadors will also be here and throughout the grounds. They will be easily identifiable in hi Viz.


Welcome to our live stage. Situated in the AUM Village, the Bush Theatre is where you will find all manner of eclectic and exciting live performance. Right at the heart of the festival. Bands, duets, soloists, conscious music, spoken word, cirque performance art, comedy and more will take you on a wonderful journey whilst you and your family dine, explore, and immerse yourself in to the AUM experience.

Each year the Bush Theatre stage has grown in sophistication and size to become one of the most loved and talked about features of the festival. For 2018 we have designed what we think is another beautiful stage and carefully programmed it with a flowing and diverse line up of quality artists to cater for all tastes & moods throughout the festival.