ॐ Constellations

“I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever.”
~ Amy Tan

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We know they are among us. They come from a far and dance in thier craft above our festivals. Perhaps they look like us? perhaps we can’t see them? But we can feel them… Psychedelic alien vibes assured… Join us.

After our awesome night with Neelix and the sheer joy of the NYE 2015 Pyschedelic Wonderland, we would like to humbly and warmly welcome you all to the ONLY full scale multi room ॐ winter indoor show for 2016, and the next stage in the journey of ॐ – `CONSTELLATIONS’

Expect stunning, original, mind bending ॐ production: ॐ CONSTELLATIONS will be our most massive indoor production to date. Massive main room projection mapping where we will travel the universe together, inner and outer, mysterious and astrological… As always we are aiming for production styles never before seen in NZ – 3 zones of world class Psytrance/ Techno/ Zenonesque/ House/ Ambient grooves and much more.

Expect to see all three rooms of the iconic Toto dressed up as never before. if you went to our Neelix show you will have a taste of what to expect. But just a taste! This time we are going to absolutely transform the venue and it’s many nooks and crannies in what will be the biggest and most spectacular indoor production to date. Resident lighting legendsPretty Lights Productions will be on the colours & movement again, and we have an incredible in-house team developing the world bridging visuals, plus of course you will be immersed in yet another dreamscape of decor coutesy of our amazing team. More details soon, but you can rest assured that this will be among the most detailed of productions seen at any music event in New Zealand for a long long time. We are pulling out all the stops. You simply do not want to miss this show. The mother ship is landing.

Again you can also expect there will be artists working on site, performers, and all manner of amazing humans (and others?) combining to bring you an experience like no other before it.

ॐ music
Please expect a very special line-up of incredible talent covering multiple genre’s of only the most cutting edge sounds available from around the world. As with all of our shows we will be aiming to build the entire event into a journey of mind, body & soul and we have carefully chosen the line-up for the CONSTELLATIONS to fully carry over the theme for the evening.

Thank you for your amazing support at all of the previous incredible shows,especially the NYE festival where you all humbled us both beyond belief… together we have created something very special indeed… Please check out our NYE 2016 festival at the link below. This again will truly be something fresh and exciting. Special release $100 pre- early-bird tickets are already selling FAST and available at www.aum.simpletix.co.nz ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL END MARCH – come join us on an epic adventure… Dr. Suess styles 😉 event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/797230393742763/?ref=98&action_history=null

Early Birds – $25 + BF SOLD OUT
Second Release – $29 + BF SOLD OUT
Final Release – $39 + BF

Please share the love & help us grow – you may even WIN TICKETS : Hit GOING, INVITE your mates & SHARE the event to be in to win double passes to the show.

All tickets purchased go in to our very special sponsors care package prize draw as per every show we do. Details to be announced

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Love & respect to you all
Anna & Paul
AUM Productions – ॐ
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