Welcome to the bustling but gentle heart of your festival. The AUM Village  is where we gather and start our days adventures from, for this is where the story starts and ends. Take a stroll through our artisan market place, Meet the wonderful people of the village, enjoy delicious food and wonderful coffee, find a relaxing place to sit & chill,  immerse yourself in the live music on the Bush Theater stage, marvel at the performance, poetry and other wonderful art. All manner of delightful things and places are to be found. Here is where you will find the festival information center, there to assist you with whatever you need to know about your festival home. Designed to cater for everyone, a gentle, colourful and sometimes rocking place to hang out. If need help with anything, AUM ambassadors will also be here and throughout the grounds. They will be easily identifiable in hi Viz


This year we have moved your workshops, yoga and healing zones away from the loud music and & higher energy of the big stages. We have selected a lush tranquil valley to sooth your mind and spirit whilst you take one of the many styles of yoga classes, meditate under a tree with only a breeze to keep you company, or engage in any of the many dozens of thoughtfully programmed workshops. In our secluded healing sanctuary our beautiful, gentle healers will offer massage and many other forms of physical & spiritual healing for you to ejoy at your leasure throughout the festival. There is no cost for any of the activities, yoga classes, workshops or healings offered at AUM NYE. Make sure you treat yourself and return home revitalised and fresh for the new year.


We are blessed with one of the most stunningly beautiful, gentle and safe festival sites anywhere in the world. Just stepping foot on this land grounds you… worries just melt away and you instantly relax. You are home. The native Kanuka and bush surrounds and envelops us in it’s lush velvety glove while the many deer roam freely throughout. Take strolls and explore your home for the next few days. Join in on the guided native bush medicine walks, meet our astronomer and gaze at the universe through telescopes, or just lie on the soft grass and let the clouds slip by.