The night she unexpectedly had to fill in and spin some tunes for her drunken DJ boyfriend, she accidentally fell in love with DJing… and when she fell, she sure fell hard!  Her boyfriend instructed her to just ‘blend the two records together…  you know, just like you do at home’, but she promptly grew tired of that and thought, ‘f**k this, I’m gonna mix!’.  That fateful evening, she ended up staying on the decks for about four hours and later, when she first experienced the overwhelming rush that comes from playing to a solid dancefloor, there was no cure, she was seriously hooked and her life would change forever.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachael Sabin has been at the leading edge of Auckland’s underground house scene since she started playing in 1999.  Rachael learnt her trade throughout the land, becoming resident at such venues and parties as SPQR, Velvet, Fu Bar and The Loft and was frequently asked to guest at major international events including the huge Gatecrasher and Global Underground events both in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2002 Rachael set off on her big overseas adventure.  She stepped right out of her comfort zone and moved to London.  Along with her new DJ partner, Mark Pickering, she started a bi-weekly Saturday evening radio show on Worldwide FM, London’s original online radio station.  Guests included Timo Garcia, Dean Webb, Andy Taylor, Derrick Carter, Anthea, Giles Smith, Jafar, Tim Red, Satsuma, Jason Spencer, Anthony Cox, Jen Gannon, Ben Jam, Dan Air and Jamie Winter.

Rachael’s vibrant personality, impressive technical skills and unique ability to hypnotise and seduce the dancefloor ensure that she’s kept busy.  Always keeping it real and playing the hottest deep house and techno – make sure you catch one of her sets soon.  You’ll find her at Ink, or Red Bar in Auckland, as well as her residency at all AUM PRODUCTION’S events.  She promoted TECHNOLOGYSTOLEMYVINYLE and JADED club nights in Auckland in the past and now plays live and produces music as CLEVER BOX.  She’s currently running some very successful gigs with a focus on live electronic acts and producers called CLEVER BOX & FRIENDS, as well as launching a new music and art collective called THE JOY ADMINISTRATION.