Many, many years ago, in a land much different to the city we see today, lived a young Munter from Whiti City, who decided to move to the big smoke.  Being musically inclined, motivated and friendly, he met many interesting people, heard lots of trippy music and went to many places and parties all over New Zealand, until one day he discovered a dingy corrugated iron shack tucked away on Normanby Road in the shadow of Mount Eden.  That was when things really kicked off.

Munter toiled in the trenches of the dance scene way back in the day; from the old Cyberculture gigs and first Splore Festivals, running around between Kariotahi and Pakiri and everywhere in between.  Then he went from The Gathering to Alpine Unity and Dreamweavers, getting noise-controlled and having Councillors on his case from North to South. He played hillbilly house parties and birthdays, seedy clubs and hippy festivals all over the joint, since partying like it was 1999 was something people did (cause it WAS 1999)!

Currently Sound Guy, Technical Advisor and Resident Pain in the Earballs with Aum Productions.   Munter always serves up a musical journey drawing from too many diverse styles and genres to really know what you’ll be getting until it reaches your ears.  Be warned, dancing with wild abandon with hands in the air and waving like you just don’t care, gurning your face off, stomping your feet and grinning like an idiot are some of the side effects known to proliferate a Munter dancefloor.