Hailing from the sunny climes of New Zealand, Marcus Morgan has spent a lifetime romancing the beats.

From the gritty streets of downtown through to lush outdoor festivals, Marcus Morgan’s eclectic musical styles have moved educated dancefloors for more than two decades. His early leanings towards turntablism combined with a passionate love of house music evolved over many years into a unique style of play, production and performance, favouring complexity amidst often minimal structures, with undeniable groove and an enduring dedication to subtle, earthy flavours of bass. The result is a signature vibe that moves between musicality and technical mastery with understated abandon.

In the studio the story continues. Enjoying support from  diverse luminaries including Mark Farina and Ferksta, Marcus Morgan’s productions both personal and collaborative have garnered international attention and inspired releases on a variety of labels.

Never one to shy away from the creative potential of new technologies, Marcus is equally at home with avant-garde controllerism as he is with traditional forms of DJing. Along with Rachael Sabin he co-founded electronic duo Clever Box in 2016, blurring the lines between underground DJing, live performance and on-the-fly production. He also heads the acclaimed Unicorn Army, a mysterious collective of creatives  combined with a formidable stable of local and international DJ talents that are quickly becoming renowned for their uplifting and inclusive musical adventures at various locations.