Jadyn Flavell is a visionary artist with a very unique style. He has been developing his artistic abilities from an early age. From drawing in bed with his father as a child to painting live at festivals, Jadyn’s style has come into its own. Born and raised in Nelson, he has now settled in Auckland and wishes to pursue his artistic career and spread positive vibes through his artwork.

Jadyn’s style can be described as being psychedelic visionary. His artwork ranges from handmade stickers to full automotive murals, commonly painted with fluorescent paints and displayed under ultraviolet light to bring an out-of-this-world feeling to his work.  In a majority of Jadyn’s subject matter you will see a common theme of beings from transcendental realms, often possessing multiple eyes to symbolize consciousness and awareness, with multiple limbs to portray an alien feel but sticking to human origins. Jadyn’s style seems to tap into ancient quarters of indigenous cultures, pulling threads of traditional shamanic visionary art with a postmodern psychedelic twist.

Contact details:

 – 022 523 9693

Facebook – psymatix creations