Co-founder of Aum Productions John Paul Moss AKA `Ferksta’ played his first real DJ set with a handful of junglist & hardcore records he brought back from the UK at the first dance party he made back in the summer of 1991. Since then his tastes have ranged from garage, to house and techno when he was co-owner the infamous VELVET parties in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and stepping in to psytrance and the more meatier sounds around the end of the Velvet days.

Now one of New Zealand’s most recognisable psychedelic djs, Ferksta’s music selection style is difficult to box. He crosses many genres whenever he plays and is not afraid to try the new with the old. In general terms though when playing, as Ferksta he plays progressive psychedelic trance. But he also loves the chunkiness of good psytech, the kick of meaty progressive techno, and the weight of a good rolling bassline regardless of its origin. In any given set you will also find lush organic soundscapes and atmospheric journeys swirling around and through the driving basslines he prefers. Ferksta’s mixing style plus the way he understands and uses sound systems defines his sound. He mixes very deep into each track, often layering different elements from the tunes he has selected to create whole new live experience. Bringing in vocal and other samples to paint his soundscape, and never afraid to pitch it up or to pitch it down to suit the floor, Ferksta engages with the crowd and works the mixer non-stop through his sets.

Ferksta is regularly booked for sets in New Zealand, and has played all around the world including the UK, Mexico, Thailand, and of course Australia. He has been in the dance industry in New Zealand and playing music for over 20 years.