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Kia ora whanau. We hope this message finds you all doing well and enjoying the beginning of summer.

At AUM HQ we are still preparing at full speed ahead to bring you an amazing, safe new year’s festival. The production, art and entertainment offerings of this year’s event will take you to another universe! Our second full music and line-up is ready to drop later this week, with performer, visual arts, workshops, and other line ups shortly thereafter. The last of our tickets are steadily heading out the door and we can say without question that this will be another sold out event.

TRAFFIC LIGHTS: On Monday the government announced the traffic light system to debut on 3 December and under the red setting in Auckland. They have been clear in previous statements that we will be able to enjoy Christmas and summer gatherings.

The traffic light settings will be reviewed in two weeks and changes will be announced for 17 December, coinciding with the Auckland travel restrictions being eased to allow people to move around the country. We feel confident that the traffic light settings will move to enable events to go ahead over the Christmas and New Year break. We will be 100% ready to deliver!

WHAT HAPPENS IF AUM POSTPONES OR CANCELS? We have identified postponement date options should we not be able to run on Dec 30. However, we will not cancel or postpone AUM before any government announcement that makes events unable to run. We’ve been working on our key festival infrastructure over the last few months, so we can hold steady until quite late. We are doing everything to bring our community together – it is well-needed after the recent months of restrictions which have fallen mostly on Auckland.

In the event of an event postponement or cancellation, we will immediately be in touch with all ticket holders to inform you all of what we have planned and what options there are for you all. Our priority will be to postpone (re-schedule) the event. We will communicate about refunds from that point onward. A government fund suitable to events of our scale was announced today which gives us much more confidence moving forward.

– Festivals can go ahead in either orange or green of the traffic light system – vaccine certificates are required so please be prepared
– We will be running tight security this year. No one will be granted access to the site without the correct documentation
– Yes, we have a stunning range of food vendors: smoothies, coffee, steak sandwiches, Indian food, burgers, vegan food, ice cream etc.
– This year we will have 3 incredible mocktail and juice bars on site to keep you hydrated. More on this soon.
– Yes, we plan to have more local music acts, performers, and artists than ever before. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected removal of the open borders at the time of booking, we have had to roll over our international bookings until 2022. We have replaced these artists with yet more quality vibes from Aotearoa.

Stay tuned for our second artist line-up and next week’s other glorious announcements with some of the best music, live and visual entertainers in the game. To say we are excited about what’s on offer at AUM this year is a huge understatement. Just the visual arts component alone… WOW!

It really is a somewhat confusing and frustrating time for everyone, but to be honest we are relaxed and becoming more amped every day about running our magical show for you all. That said, we are prepared for all eventualities. It has been a hell of a job working through this all, but it remains a privilege and an honour to be able to do this for you. We take our job seriously and pour love into it with sincerity.

Have a beautiful evening and we will be back in touch again real soon.

Remember to keep an eye on this page here, our socials and your email inbox for updates from us as they happen. Grab those tickets whilst they are there.

Thank you and much love from the whole AUM Festival family. Shine on!

Kia ora beautiful people,

TICKET ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re well on the way to an amazing event this new years but have an important ticket announcement to make regarding vaccine certificates. If you have bought a ticket already you will have been emailed by Ticket Fairy this afternoon. Please check your inbox.

We hope that you are able to join us this New Year’s but understand that being vaccinated is a personal choice and some people will prefer to opt out.

For those of you that will be unable to provide either Proof of Vaccination or an Exemption we have emailed all ticket holders with information and solutions for you all.

With the deepest respect for you all
Have a lovely afternoon this glorious sunny day.

Shine on


Kia ora again beautiful people. Following our announcement yesterday we would like to provide you with a further update on the vaccine certificate requirement for all large-scale events including AUM, announced by the government yesterday.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude for the love and support we have been receiving as we work though this difficult situation. We sincerely respect all of the differing opinions. With that though we need to say that we do not support name-calling or other abusive commentary from anyone. It has no place in our community. We love and respect you all. Please remain understanding and supportive of each other.

REFUNDS. We are currently looking at what is required around refunds for those of you who will be choosing not to join us this year. Please remain patient and we will be in direct contact with all ticket holders just as soon as we have figured everything out. We are sorry that we may be losing some of our community this year but understand your choice and respect it.

TESTING. We have had many questions about the potential of testing as an alternative to vaccine certificates. At this stage we have no information from the government as to whether this will be an accepted method for large scale events. Rest assured that we will be quick to let everyone know, just as soon as we do.

TICKET SALES. We are currently updating our ticketing site and website. All tickets purchased to AUM from 6:00pm 6 October onwards will be purchased in the knowledge that an official vaccination certificate will be required to attend AUM NYE Festival, and that it is the responsibility of the ticket holder to produce one – or a valid exemption – to gain entry to the festival. (This policy was announced by the government on 5 October 2021).

Again, thank you all for you care and understanding. We hope that the future brings less division, more compassion, the reuniting of community and many more AUM events for those that need to dance off the stress that our global community is currently suffering with.

We will continue to keep you all updated with developments in a timely manner and do everything we can to remain within the integrity of what makes AUM so special and so loved by many.

Kia kaha and much Aroha to you all. Shine on


COVID ANNOUNCEMENT (First) 05/10/2021

Kia ora beautiful people, as many of you will be aware, the Government has announced that vaccine certificates or “passports” will be required for the events sector very soon. We can now say with some certainty that they will be a requirement for large gatherings and events. This will include Aum New Year’s Eve Festival.

AUM will operate according to the government health requirements and measures for holding events.
A vaccine certificate system for entry to events means that people will need to provide valid documentation upon arrival at the festival. This will likely be in printable or digital form.

Today’s government announcement lays a strong pathway towards summer events actually being able to run and gives everyone a clearer idea of how events will operate for at least the near future.

We all hoped that the world would be back to normal by now but the pandemic is proving to be an ongoing challenge, much of which is outside of our control. NZ has been fortunate to have freedoms much of the rest of the world has been denied for most of the last 18 months but we do not exist in isolation, and the near future looks like it will come with new challenges.

AUM has always been committed to holding the safest festivals possible. We have also been committed to holding as inclusive an event as possible. We understand that our community may have differing opinions in relation to the government announcement and we respect your right to choose. We will however be following the requirements to ensure that we are compliant and as a part of our commitment to the broader community. We value everyone’s health, not just those who attend our festival.

As we did last year we will, in addition to vaccine certificate implementation, keep a record of all attendees, ask everyone to scan in using the contact tracing app, have increased on site hygiene, and ask health questions upon your entry.

We will soon provide more details regarding how this will work at the festival and we will update and hopefully answer many of your questions just as soon as we have more information. We will be transparent in our communication with you, and will inform you as soon as we know more so that you can make an informed decision that you’re comfortable with.

Please be patient and keep an eye here, our socials and your email inbox for updates from us as they happen.

Thank you and much love from the whole AUM Festival family. Shine on!