"DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE, IF ONLY WE WISH HARD ENOUGH " AUM 2019 NEW YEAR'S EVE is held from December 30th to January 2nd on a beautiful 400 hectare deer farm in South head, Auckland, New Zealand.

AUM 2019 New Year’s Eve


Join us for another epic holiday adventure. An adventure of love, sharing, sustainability, music, art, colour, technical wizardry, healing, imagination, laughter and joy. A family adventure where we will write our own story as we immerse ourselves in the stories of the past, the present and the future. A truly inclusive adventure for everyone, young and old. Please bring your friends, your family and your children and join together as one to celebrate this New Year’s Eve at this specially designed `Family-Focused’ AUM camping, music and arts festival… held on the most beautiful, spacious, lush, well appointed festival campgrounds in the country, just 1 hr from the city.


AUM 2018 New Year's Eve After Movie

Please enjoy this stunning look back at last year’s festival. The smiles, the vibes, the unicorns! See you this year for even more wonderful adventures on the most beautiful festival camping grounds in New Zealand.