Aum ॐ NYE 2017


“AUM helped me fully change and gain a new perspective on life, I’ve never felt so truly comfortable in my own skin now I’m working on surrounding my home environment in such a way so I can do so every day!! Best group of people in the world I’m coming back next year for my 21st and bringing all my friends and family! Can’t wait to show them”

 Ben Anaru Johnston

Well above all expectations! A unique, vibrant, creative experience. Beautiful people, music and setting. Was super family friendly. Bliss.

Pj Newton

Well above all expectations! A unique, vibrant, creative experience. Beautiful people, music and setting. Was super family friendly. Bliss.

Pj Newton

2 years in and will be back many years to come, epic sense of commmunity good vibes and fantastic crew would highly suggest to anyone!!

Tai Massey-Hunter

What an amazing experience! !!! It was my first time at Aum New years festival and what can I say? ? It was insanely good!!! Friendly warm atmosphere, everyone on a great buzz and no dramas! ! I did Not see one fight or argument the whole time!! Me and my Mates camped for the whole weekend and loved every minute of it! ! Safe as environment for anyone that’s keen to have a mean New years I definitely recommend this to all… I can say I will be going again

Kostantina Ioanna Souris

First time I have been to AUM New Year Festival. Absolutely loved it. Smiles, hugs and positive vibes all around. The workshops they offer are insightful and have given me the motivation to develop some of the skills I was taught. The “dance-floor” is a no-judge zone, where people can feel free to move their bodies however they wish to. Everyone is so open and their energy is contagious! Makes for a great way to start the new year.

Rebecca Sinclair

Wow, just wow. Its taken me this long to try to find the words.This was easily my favourite festival and the best New Year I have ever had. What a blessing to be a part of something so incredible. The people, the vibe, the setting, the music, the art, the healing of these things combined. I am truly and forever grateful to EVERYONE there for this gift.  John Paul Moss, Anna McGreevy and your epic team of visionaries you are amazing!  Love you all so so so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Tai Massey-Hunter

I loved AUM so much, we all had such an amazing time. It reminds us all of all the lovely festivals we went to back in Ireland.

Thank you to all the people who worked so hard to put on a fantastic festival.

Cla Ra

Third year I’ve been to AUM NYE (and fifth event hosted by Aum) and once again it didn’t disappoint. Beautiful vibes, beautiful people, beautiful location. A festival I’m going to continue to make my new years event because every year it rocks!

Chloe Brunton

That was my first festival in Nz and it was really awesome!  Great People from so many countries, good vibes and stable sounds and a beautiful Location!  We will come back!


Alexander Missling

John Paul Moss and Anna McGreevy you guys put your life and soul into this party and it shone through in so many special moments for so many beautiful people. Thanks for sharing this magic and bringing us all together. Can’t wait for the many more to come. Xrd to put on a fantastic festival.

Claire Walker

The Place of AUM

Deer under my feet, and the white baked heat

Trip in the sand to the visceral beat

Ego away, self comes to play

We dance in the dawn of a New Year’s Day. 

Vanessa Porter

Thank you for the most amazing way to bring in the new year – ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ was one of many magical moments!

AUM was an amazing new year experience, made even more special with the bonds created with equally amazing people! Best vibes anyone could ask for! Until next time.

Matt Hart