The twentieth century drew to a close when some tracks appeared that gave an interesting new spin to the flourishing Psychedelic Trance scene: Rather than piling up excessive melody layers and packed arrangements as usual at this time, the distinct psychedelic moments in the music of the project Haldolium evolved from a reduced and very considered use of sound effects and single melodies.

 Dark acoustic sceneries, inhabited by mysterious, weird noise figures delivered a very atmospheric, surreal and trippy listening experience and redefined the term “psychedelic”. In this manner, already the debut album “Deagua” presented by Mario Reinsch and Mark Lorenzen from Hamburg got quite some exposure in 1999.

But it was one year later when the successor “H2” finally confirmed their project Haldolium to be one of the major driving forces behind a musical development that had rapidly taken off: Progressive Trance. That double CD became an epitome for this style with its already remarkable musical maturity and independency that was featured not only on the deep, groaning and organically rolling Trance part but also on the sophisticated Ambient disc that included five very complex and emotional compositions.

 Rapidly becoming one of the most wanted Progressive acts during the following years, Haldolium tracks like “2nd Movement”, “Be Real” or their remix of Pink Floyd’s “One Of These Days” represent timeless anthems of this genre still being played at parties today sometimes. But the two dudes did not rest on their laurels:

They consequently pursued the motto “progressive” and accordingly quite every released track and especially all the following albums represented an ongoing musical development. While experiments with vocalists, non-electronic instruments and influences from club music might be quite usual for Progressive today, the two of them did important pioneer work in this respect.

 Eventually it got a little quiet around Haldolium between 2007 and 2010. During this period, the two dudes dedicated to certain other projects: Both finished their actually best productions ever and became fathers of families thereby, Mario is now engaged in programming audio plugins for ProTools and both also enjoy ordinary, non-musical hobbies like kite surfing or watching an exciting match of their favourite football club Werder Bremen again. But of course their deep passion for music had never gone entirely.

In 2009, “Spring Is Far To Come“, the second album of Mario’s song-orientated downbeat project Emou, was released. And finally the two of them could not resist creating some solid dance floor music again as well. So the year 2010 kicked off with three up-to-date versions of some of their greatest bangers. These gave a delicious foretaste on what to expect from future Haldolium productions: A recollection of basic skills, the project shall become a reliable quality reference for driving, dark Progressive Trance again.






Having been a staple artist of the New Zealand electronic music scene for over    twenty years, Philippa should need no introduction. ​Whether it was through the 6  national tours she headlined under her party banner Chicago Disco, her Friday drive-time radio shows on George FM when the station was a shining light, her     residencies at Auckland’s most (in)famous nightclubs (Calibre, Ink Bar et al) or more recently her freshly minted At Peace record label, if you like house music and live in New Zealand there’s a decent chance you’re either already a long term fan, or you’re about to become one..   

Philippa currently resides in Berlin – the epicenter of Europe’s giant electronic music  scene – where she’s lived since 2013. In Berlin she teaches electronic music in a tertiary  level creative arts and technology institute, and it is here she has been able to focus and hone her productions skills. This year she launched her own imprint At Peace – the first few releases showcasing her productions, with release number three coming out in December featuring another expat Kiwi residing in Berlin, Zayn Kemp.    Philippa’s sound is dynamic – while she’s famous for classic and deep house of the first order, she’s just as likely to throw down synth driven techno and detonate dancefloor  bombs. She’s a skilled dancefloor maven eternally searching for the DJ – dancer  connection and we’re lucky to have her back over this side of the world this New Year.. 







Recent dance floor focused DJ mixes:    A mix done for the Waveform Transmitter blog: 


A popular mix made for a much loved friend:  https://soundcloud.com/djphilippa/mix-for-kate



International Artist. Curator. Music Pioneer.

A driving force of the house and techno underground.
“The embodiment of passion, spontaneity and innovation, NOIR has carved the roots of the underground house and techno scene since his emergence in 2004. In a time of electronic music saturation, his refusal to settle for mediocracy has pivoted his name to a reign amongst the international music scene. Passion informs his practice; heart is the power behind his creativity, he is soulfully dynamic, zealous and above all, dedicated to the community of music. Powerful performances that amass bass driven movement with energetic highs, that resonate with each heart in the crowd. NOIR has an implicit ability to craft music that channels raw, emotive and dark songs that exude a level of sophisticated house and techno production.

Drawing early inspiration from the dark, lyrical and organic hallmarks of musicians such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and New Order, Noir continues to expand and redefine electronic music through his unique blending of genres, evidenced in his vast productions. As a master of production, NOIR individually nurtures each of his creations from concept to execution; each of his performances are unique with individually crafted sets fuelled by the energy in the room and what he is feeling in that very moment.

Pioneer of underground electronic music and an undeniable forecaster, NOIR is an industry leader and curator through his multifaceted approach to the industry. He is the owner of successful music labels, Noir Music, NM2 and Klimaks Records, which were formed to house his ever so variant taste and create a platform for stars to be seen and heard in the musical landscape, producing over 300 releases in the past 12 years, and held multiple top ten spots on the RA and Beatport charts. He is the founder of the Dark Stars, event brand and hosts globally acclaimed podcast, “Noir Recommends”; the latter which has amassed a cult following and propelled some of the biggest names in the house and techno scene. This long-standing podcast has built a community of music enthusiasts all over the globe and become a catalyst to launch top charting hits from both leading DJ’s and the rising stars of tomorrow.

Noir has been travelling the world for the past 15 years playing almost everywhere including coveted residencies across multiple venues in the electronic music mecca Ibiza, Noir is a reigning leader in both the favourable underground and international circuits, further cementing his position as a world class producer and performer.”






Antix LIVE set – Cavalier Album

Somewhere back in the late 1990ʼs brothers Barton and Hayden Strom fresh faced and with a love for electronic music formed the soon to be world famous outside New Zealand. ANTIX. Iboga Records in Denmark got whiff of the Antix weaving a sublime mixture of trance and progressive house and promptly signed the boys who then produced their landmark debut album LULL in 2003. The touring trend followed as the boys started clocking up big festival dates to crowds in excess of 10,000 and performed in some of the most respected clubs worldwide. Follow up albums often have a lot to live up to and when TWIN COAST DISCOVERY was released in 2005 the album demanded attention and once again placed Antix as ambassadors on the world stage. In 2007 the boys raised the bar even higher with their third LP installment WANDERERS and the follow up doco DVD/CD remix package WANDERING proving that the lads still have the Midas touch. 2008 started out with a bang with Antix being nominated and then placed runner up for the best In their game on the prestigious Beatport Music Awards earning them a highly sought after Beatport profile. With no time to rest on their achievements, the show must go on, the touring continues and the drive and inspiration for the forth Antix Album ‘Cavalierʼ

“Cavalier” the much anticipated new Antix album came out in May 2010. Itʼs the fourth album from Antix on Iboga Records (Denmark). Comprising 9 originals accompanied by 10 remixes. The album is accredited with being both for the dance floor and for the pure pleasure of listening. “Cavalier” was choreographed in a mixed format designed to evoke and enhance the Antix vibe whilst taking the listener on a journey. This Antix trademark is very coherent in all their productions, crispy rhythmic hooks, minor harmonies, melancholic drifting pads and gentle swishes and fizzes. The album won over fans and critics alike, with all boxes ticked from the media and a string of killer live performances the brothers were building a solid reputation as one of the most in demand progressive acts on the planet


Since their debut album back in 2003, Antix has not ceased to take the Progressive Trance scene by surprise, as the sonic emissions from Aucklandʼs Slowburning studio has often anticipated tastes to come, or deviated from the mainstream. They were pioneers of prog-house back in the day, and were quick to venture into the electro-house episode. This new album, the fruit of many monthsʼ work, is no exception to this tradition of innovation, though the established Antix fan base will feel at ease with this new offering. And the level of musical and technical/studio achievement that Barton and Hayden Strom have reached in this new opus is simply amazing, surpassing their last 2007 album.

There is a symphonic dimension in Cavalier. For the duo has integrated sounds of all the world, their palette has broadened incredibly and become increasingly complex, here including finch chirrups, seagull cries, galloping horsesʼ hooves, waves crashing on south Pacific shores, guitar-like arrangements, piano, string chords and pizzicati, and a whole range of vocal registers, from kiddiesʼ chatter to an adult man singing. The album broaches a wider range of electronic genres than ever, covering Antixʼs trademark, deep, Prog-House hypnotic grooves, enhanced by crisp tribal beats (Out of sorts), more minimal pieces, and even Indie dances. But, stylistically, the most significant move this new album makes is toward the Pop register, which is also its most surprising feature. In that respect, the track “Lost & Found”, a fine collab piece written and sung with their London-based friend, guitarist, and singer Mark Ridout, gives the album its special identity. New Wave inflections, already discreetly present in some of the previously released tracksʼ voice samples, are here cast into relief. Ridoutʼs singing, which has already featured in a prior Triangle release, usually anchored in the pop-folk register, is here uncharacteristically elegant and distant, slightly blue tinged, reminiscent of Soft Cell/ Depêche Mode thanks to the reverb treatment, dubbed vocal line and nostalgic arpeggios lifting the track into an emo mood. “Let the right one in” mines this vein in its own way, though itʼs more stripped back and tense, mitigated by breezy harmonics, but underpinned by tight hissing and clicky beats. The melodic is explored further in “Under the shade”, but more naïvely, without sophistication, and – to my ears – less convincingly, even when remixed.

 This new albumʼs coherence therefore emerges as shaped by the high demands of pop music. This is apparent in the emotional strings the tracks play on, the melodic tendencies that make each one coalesce, in the foregrounded vocals of course, and also in the specific attention accorded to the tracksʼ final developments which concentrate momentum, create compelling chord buildup, and unleash harmonic tension, and which mark this album nonetheless as a typical Antix vintage crop. Indeed, the eponymous Cavalier, which opens rather like a movie soundtrack, features a grand finale that rubs shoulders with those of the three absolute masterpieces featured here, previously released and thoroughly reviewed in these columns, The Hoard, Mantra, and Box of Birds. These tracks have been hailed for their exceptional beauty, and acclaimed and spun by the likes of John Digweed in his “transition” show. So this new album will satisfy the fans, with a musical journey that is more a listening experience than a dancefloor affair, and with an overall orientation that somewhat likens this release to the Boratto album. When tossed in with the upfront dancefloor-minded pieces of Fiord, Cavalier will resound in a unique way in this summerʼs festival Antix/Fiord live




 “The Globe Trotting Troubadours of Genre Hopping Cosmic Electronica”

              Originally formed in Australia, Loonaloop have been very active on the international club and festival circuit since early 2003, performing at many of the largest festivals around, including Glastonbury (UK), Dance Valley (NL), Big Day Out (AUS), Rock for People (CZ), also headline spots at numerous festivals across Europe, The Big Green Gathering (UK), Blijfestijn (NL), Global Beat (PL) Knochengorroch festival (Scotland), and The World Body Painting Festival in Austria, to name a few.

                  Best described as a live electro/organic dance band, loonaloop’s distinctive sound is driven by a combination of traditional instruments, Drums, Didgeridoo, Violin, Vocals fused with contemporary programming, synths, samples, loops.The music is an excursion into the various styles of modern electronic music, ranging from drum & bass, psy trance, dub and gypsy/world house. and they are very well known for their intoxicating high energy live performances. As quoted by Mixmag U.K “Mesmerizing!… this crew are a unique and powerful act, with a profound ability to seduce and transport the audience, and get the dance floor totally rocking!”                                                    

                  Since completing their debut album in 2003, “Cleared 4 Take Off”, the band have toured Australia, Europe and the UK consistently for the past 14 years. In 2005 the band completed their second album, “Images of Flying” and followed it up with a European tour, including a spot on the main dance stage at Glastonbury Festival.

                  2009, saw the release of their third CD “Skipping Stones”, backed up with another European and Australian tour. In this release the band was ranked in the top 5 dance artists, in the OZ music awards 2010 for their title track “Skipping Stones” and their track, “Only human” was voted 13th on the Australian internet radio favorites for 2010. 

                “Life Aint TV” the bands 4th CD, was released in 2012, followed up by their latest release “Down the Rabbit Hole” in 2018, the bands best work to date, consisting of all of their favourite distinct organic electro sounds. 

Loonaloop’s line up is:

Shiney Lefai – Vocals /synth
Andrew Byrnes – Drums/programming
Jay Hoad – Didgeridoo
Jacinta Simmons – Violin/Keys

Website: www.loonaloopmusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/loonaloop

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Loonaloop at The Winchester Bournemouth U.K ” Going Loopy”                                                                                             Aus live dance act “Loonaloop” provided a night of Beat- filled entertainment with a set including hints of Drum n Bass, Dub, trance, electro & even a touch of folk.
Their infectious energy & enthusiasm shone through from the first beat of the drums.
A plethora of instruments shared the stage space, violin, drums ,percussion,synths & didj
A Drum n Bass punch with some haunting strings kicked off their set along with some smooth vocals from Shiney Lefai who was definitely a stage live wire.
A Faithless-esque dance track followed on making the room want to reach for the lasers while Shiney controlled the keys in the style of sister bliss
The eclectic mix of music continued with a track called Only Human, a reggae tinted tune from their 2009 album “Skipping Stones” their third album since forming in 2003.
The bands ability to switch between genres meant that no two songs sounded the same and a ever increasing large crowd lapped it up!
The bands love of music & their individual as well as collective talents were easy to see and felt through the room. With their U.K section of their European Tour ending soon they are definitely an act worth chasing.
Emma Sutherland                                                                                                                       
Sola Rosa


Sola Rosa is one of Kiwi music’s most evolutionary and enduring acts. With seven full-length albums, four EPs, a handful of hits, countless collaborations and numerous world tours, it’s been a near 20-year labour of love for the man behind the music, Andrew Spraggon.

And although it’s punctuated with twists and turns in the form of constant change and innovation, one thing has remained the same – Spraggon’s steadfast commitment to making great albums that seamlessly blend a myriad of genres, from hip-hop and jazz, to neo-soul, latin and funk.
Now, the Auckland-based music-maker has unveiled the next steps in the Sola Rosa journey, his much anticipated 2018 EP ‘In Spaces’,  with the stonking beat-heavy track ‘So Fly’ featuring British singer Kevin Mark Trail, who rose to prominence in the early 2000s working with The Streets.

It has always been Spraggon’s modus operandi to delve further into new musical territories and that’s exactly what he’s still doing. Add to that, Spraggon’s simple desire to keep making music that he loves, and you’ve got a winning combo. “I was really reinvigorated going to Europe on the last tour where such a wide mix of people, from all ages, were really in to our music,” says Spraggon.

The Auckland-based songwriter, producer and musician is constantly working on song craft and despite his uncanny knack of finding the perfect vocal accompaniment – think Iva Lamkum on Turn Around, L.A Mitchell on Spinning Top and the aforementioned Kevin Mark Trail – he’s always searching for new artists to work with. “I’m always looking to collaborate with others who are also artistically looking for challenges. And, Andy Morton – who is mixing the new material and has worked with Fat Freddys Drop, Nathan Haines, Dimmer and renowned Kiwi producer Mark de Clive Lowe – is really great when it comes to taking my production and making it sound so much more expansive. He’ll say what he does and doesn’t like and although, initially, I may be very protective of the tracks, once I sit on them for a while, I always tend to prefer his mix to mine.”

As a sought-out act on the European festival circuit, Sola Rosa is always striving to push the envelope with its sonic vibe. That said, Spraggon hasn’t caved to pressure to conform to musical trends and continues to make music that he himself loves to listen to.

And although he recognises we’re now living in the digital age of the single, he’ll keep making albums for as long as he’s making music. “I look at albums as a body of work, something tangible that represents a period in an artist’s life. An album is extremely more difficult to make than a single and that alone makes you work harder to ensure each track matters.” It’s a resolve that’s reflected in the self-assured vibe that runs through Sola Rosa’s new tracks, as it is also proof that Spraggon truly is one of Kiwi music’s great battlers and he’s in it for the long haul.



Terra Nine

Terra Nine, aka Michael Westcot, is the creative force behind this unique act from New Zealand, combining live electric viola with lush organic synths and funky electronic beats to produce a melodic and free form sound. His music features an aural palette ranging from psychedelic ambient to chilled out trance and breaks with uplifting emotional content that moves the heart as well as the feet. 

Michael is hardly your typical digital artist – his music features a unique synergy of bowed and plucked string sounds – often mangled into mind bending psychedelia and poured in real “me over a bottom end of organic beats and fat basslines. 

Terra Nine’s releases over the past 12 years include four albums and numerous EPs, as well as tracks on myriad compilations, all featuring his unique mixture of live organic lushness. 

Terra Nine’s music has also included collaborations and remixes by and for numerous international artists – including dub maestro OTT, Astropilot, Suduaya, Kick Bong, Unknown Reality, Pete Ardron, Kick Bong, Squazoid, Green Beats, Trancient Dreams and many more.

Iboga Records Links: 

Iboga Records Laniakea Soundcloud Link: 


Iboga Records Video Channel: 

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=kn63DyCSZXM&list=PLzJFkpWLlZtLh7d1wael-UTWvDcYokfdF&index=1 



Iboga Soundcloud Terra Nine 2017 Podcast: 


Terra Nine – Heart of the Ma er – Beatport Link: 


Terra Nine – Laniakea – Psyshop Link: 


Terra Nine URLs 



Terra Nine Facebook Videos: 






Fleetmac Wood

With exclusive remixes and edits crafted for the dance floor, this DJ set and AV show is not a tribute act, but a rave that re-frames the music of Fleetwood Mac. Twirling through disco, techno and house, DJs Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing have taken this dance party from Berlin to Burning Man and shared their passion with like-minded hedonists around the world.

Feels like: http://bit.ly/fmwrrytpt1

Facebook: http://bit.ly/fmwfacebookpage
Twitter: http://bit.ly/fmwtwitter
Instagram: http://bit.ly/fmwinsta
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/fmwsoundcloud
Youtube: http://bit.ly/fmwytpg
Vimeo: http://bit.ly/fmwvimeo

Marlins Dreaming

Marlin’s Dreaming are a young band hailing from a cold, damp flat in Hope Street, Dunedin. In October 2017, just a couple of months after forming, Marlin’s Dreaming released their first body of work, Lizard Tears. It was an eight song mix of indie pop tasters, and one reworked track from frontman, Semisi Maiai’s, former band GROMz. The album reached huge popularity across streaming platforms worldwide, and transitioned into two sold out tours of New Zealand.

In 2018 Marlin’s Dreaming released their second body of work, Talk on Commic. The EP retains the wry humour of Lizard Tears, but is less mannered: a darker beast with 90’s fangs evoking many of the post-punk greats.

Already with several sold out tours of New Zealand, under their belt, Marlin’s Dreaming are working on a new album for a 2020 release.

Pigeon’s & Planes/COMPLEX:Mixing bits of pieces of indie, psychedelic, and surf rock, Marlin’s Dreaming is making the kind of music that’s chilled-out and calming, while incorporating enough flashes of energy to keep you moving.”

The 405: Marlins Dreaming’s ‘Cheeky Kids’ is the song you need on a Wednesday. There’s just enough escapism to give you that Friday feeling a little early, while still being grounded enough to keep you in line.”

IMPOSE Mag:It’s music that you’d want to hear while making some of the best memories in your life. It’s a song full of independence and a motivator for you to get out and explore the beautiful earth on a sunny day.”

Labretta Suede & the Motel 6

Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 are a bunch of crazed Rock ‘n’ Rollers with a reckless set and a show of music and outfits that you could just LICK! With a 50’s/60’s rock n roll influence, a twang and some dirge, Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 are an ass whippin’, high kickin’, low down rockin’-an-a-reelin’, high-class outfit.

Formed in 2005 in Auckland, New Zealand with influences wide throughout the decades before them of damn good music. This band brings back the true essence of roots based rock n roll with a touch of blues, garage, R & B Soul, Rockabilly and Punk.

Fronted by bad girl tease Labretta Suede, with her sexy gritty performances, full frontal outfits and irresistible, irreverent, deep rich vocals that simply undress and unleash you. while, right-hand flesh
eating Johnny Moondog makes you completely unhinged with his wild tone, crazed reverb and mind bending psychedelic distortion and sneer. These two unruly and insatiable founding members are the essence behind this world travelled jungle of juju strange.

This melding of nostalgic, yet originally infused swagger was at the fore front of bad-ass rock n roll car culture, b -grade art, cinema and burlesque in their faraway shores of Aotearoa (New Zealand). However, feeling the fever to spread the disease long and far from the way down under pools of volcanic laha, they
relocated to the other side of the planet. That’s right, to New York City, a place where only the sick and depraved can truly survive.

Being no stranger to the strange, New York City and the whole of USA adopted these weirdos as their own and they have become a well-loved and significant part of the rock n roll culture there continuing thru to lovers of rock n roll the world over. Being that they have just returned from their 3rd successful EU tour.

This revolving door of cast that is the The Motel 6 due to their heavy international touring commitments are all warriors and are a continuing force of nature on a rock n roll path of debris. Introducing the NZ
sector of the rhythm section consisting of youngest member with super hero proportions ‘Tweedy Bird’ on Bass, only to be completed by the pounding of dirt and intangible rhythms coming from the drummer region, The Prosecutor.
So, the new line-up of fiends was born. A now hotter than ever *Labretta Suede & The Motel 6* have been
crowd maddening, swooning and sweeping from continent to contient. This lingerie wearin’, bone pickin’, leather clad, jungle that is ‘Labretta Suede & The Motel 6’ are a rock ‘n’ roll blitzkrieg of fierce

This infestation simply keeps evolving to tease, titillate and leave you, well, wet with all kinds of things.
They will tear you to pieces.



Flying Mojito Bros

The Flying Mojito Bros are two disco mescoleros pioneering the great electronic wilderness.

With their boots firmly planted in dusty seventies sunsets, their productions take cosmic country funk to modern dancefloors via NYC latin disco and baggy acid house.

Think the first summer of love meeting the second – Crosby, Stills and Nash at the Haçienda, The Doors at Shoom, The Orb at Woodstock.

The acid cowboys – producer/musician Ben Chetwood & DJ/digger Jack Sellen – have found their show featuring on-the-fly remixing, edits, live instrumentation and trippy visuals to be a hit among party people all over. Their house-gone-country has positively bewildered party people in clubs, breweries and late-night festival tents at Glastonbury, Bestival, Truck, Port Eliot, Pikes Ibiza and many more.

In addition to residencies at Basement Tapes, The Social, The Constitution, Spiritland and Nobu, they’ve been invited to work their hoodoo on remixes of Flamingods, Raf Rundell (The 2 Bears), Black Peaches, Jouis, 77:78 (Heavenly) and Scott Hirsch among others.






Unchained XL

Unchained XL is a UK born Nigerian hip-hop artist and producer with a unique, aftocentric sound easily recognizable as his own. Blending traditional African inspired textures and rhythms with various styles of hip-hop, UXL utilises a combination of live instruments and synths to create a sound which he has coined “afro-roots hip-hop”. UXL writes songs of protests, social commentary and everyday experiences through the lens of a ‘third culture’ African migrant, drawing inspiration from afrobeat legend and political icon Fela Kuti, as well as artists like Manifest, Antibalas and A Tribe Called Quest.

2018 saw UXL’s reach expand globally, touring the UK with shows in London, Bristol and more, performing alongside artists such as Mungos HiFi, Afro Cluster and Eva Lazarus. His 2019 release “The Migrant Mind” EP received global attention after having featured on international blog OkayAfrica due to it’s poignant commentary on the refugee crisis and violence faced by migrants, drawing from his experience as an ex-metal vocalist, UXL always delivers a highly energetic and convincing live performance that will leave you searching for more.





The Mechanism

Explosive bass lines, pulse pounding beats, and layers of ethnic flavours create a unique, fusion drum ‘n bass sound, that is The Mechanism. 

Starting originally in the studio, The Mechanism now performs as a live band. Featuring a drummer, guitarists, bassist, synth player, percussionist, and vocalists. No backing tracks are used, all sounds are performed live. 

The Mechanism also performs a “Hybrid DJ” set. Live MIDI triggers and synths create a fluid “DJ Style” experience. All sounds are triggered and performed live, each performance is varied and dynamic – A refreshing change from standard DJ offerings. 

Bursting onto the scene, The Mechanism opened for the Godfather of D ‘n B – Goldie, during his New Zealand “Fabric” tour. 

Shortly after, The Mechanism signed to Empire Records, an exciting New Zealand record label featuring a range of bold artists. 

For their first video, The Mechanism staged a fight at one of their shows – employing a fight choreographer and talented actors. This was filmed as a publicity stunt for the first single “El Gringo”. The video went viral, receiving 45,000 views in 48 hours. 




Aidan Kelly

Aidan Kelly, born and raised in Wellington, currently resides in Auckland performing his Original music
and running The Fungus Federation, a fungal research and development company. Aidan sings of love,
individual and societal conflicts prompting a call to action on environmental and social issues. Aidan
signed with E4 Records in 2018 and is currently touring Aotearoa in his van with his gypsy cat Lou,
enjoying playing gigs and exploring festivals.



Dastardly Bounder

The Dastardly Bounder wasn’t available to comment so instead we talked with time
travelling jack-the-lad Aubrey Marmaduke St Germaine about his Dastardly friend.
Q: Would you say that the Dastardly Bounder is a cad and a scallywag?
A: This is true. He’s morally reprehensible but plays a fantastical sound, with tech twisters
and foot wobblers aplenty.
Q: What should we expect from the Bounder at Aum this year.
A: Well it depends when he’s programmed to play really… He’s capable of going in multiple
directions at once and of weaving the unweftable into a nice sonic sweater for your
earholes. Just the other day I heard him play a dusty downtempo swirler of a set full of
laidback guitars and sixties samples.
Q: Ah thank you… I think… Do you have anything else to add?
A: Frogs cannot swallow without blinking.
The Dastardly Bounder is one of Jamie Larnach’s musical endeavours. His sound is
influenced by 26 years of DJing on incredibly loud sound systems for people who really like
to dance. Jamie was an originator of New Zealand’s outdoor dance party scene, he bought
us Entrain (New Zealand’s seminal rave) in the early 90s and was a founding member of
Splore, New Zealand’s longest running music, and art festival.
Jamie takes no responsibility for anything said by Aubrey Marmaduke St Germaine even
though he is a close and trusted imaginary friend of the Dastardly Bounder.






Out of Sorts

It’s easy to assume that Out Of Sorts came from Out Of Knowhere when
their spirited first remix made its way into the hands of Kompakt Records and gained attention from some of electronicas
most seasoned captains. However, something about their productions tells you they didn’t – a bold entity lurks within those modern grooves and nostalgic moods telling us we’re not dealing with lucky amateurs.

Because we’re not. In fact, Out Of Sorts was always there – the nickname for their imaginary friend from childhood whose
acted as both muse and totem spirit for all of their creative projects since. And now, after huge international success under a
dierent moniker, they have embraced these characters in the shadows to embody a sound that’s dicult to pigeonhole, leaving the past almost irrelevant – except that this is a duo who know how to bring it.

Most recently the bros and their band of merry pranksters —have been notching up releases on revered labels around the globe, the next logical step was to bring it all home—they needed to create a space to
tell their stories; to share their Beat & Path. Nurturing talent from across New Zealand and Australia, Beat & Path is harnessing these musical strengths and they are now manifesting a label of international


The Journey

Well-versed duo The Journey gravitate in the melodic techno and progressive house pool, opening things up on musically atmospheric note all while synthesising influences around them. Embracing
electronic music’s poignant zest, they are delivering studio output supported by pioneers and humble music enthusiasts equally. Built to keep dance-floor hearts full, the Melbourne based producer, DJ and
label pair have knelt to electronic devotees on one knee, warming up stages at the iconic Rainbow Serpent Festival, Pitch Music & Arts to Subsonic and Strawberry Fields Festival, while having cemented a solid debut tour in 2018 throughout Europe lined with an envious 8 hour long
set at Berlin’s Sisyphos.

Delivering ammunition for the club and a bunch of cosy-and-warm synths for the afterparty, with labels like Einmusika and Open Records Jacob and Tom have also collaborated with fellow Australian
underground peer Pantheon with ‘The Conqueror’ on Dear Deer Records . Recent remix roles for singer-songwriter Running Touch on ‘My Hands’ acquired a well-deserved spot on Ministry of Sound ’s
Annual 2019, amid remixing for ‘Treaty’ by Yothu Yindi attracting prodigious recognition resulting in The Journey being nominated for Music Victoria & The Age ’s Electronic Artist of The Year. As curators of
Ugenius Music, the duo pass on their emotive production qualities, signing some of the most impressive local and offshore producers in their sphere.

The road ahead derives inspiration from the last year’s vibrant success – musically on some of the world’ most celebrated record labels, amidst stacking shows across the Australian summer and straight to Europe where the pair’s second tour of the region is imminent. In the interim, tune in to The Journey’s The Quiet Night In, streamed live and on the regular.


Rainbow Serpent Festival Live mix

Strawberry Fields Festival Live mix

Rainbow Serpent



Aaron Stringer

Aaron’s sound is best summed up as deep and melodic. He strongly believes in matching music to suit a moment or vibe.
A kiwi living in Melbourne, Aaron has been DJ’ing for 20 years but his passion for electronic music still runs deep. After moving to Melbourne over 10 years ago, he held a 3-year residency at the infamous after-hours venue Killing Time which is where he really began refining his now signature sound. Not long after that he found a new home at a burning man style theme camp named Bean Bag Babylon. Known for their wild and theatrical parties at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Melbourne’s regional burn – Burning Seed, and various Melbourne clubs and warehouses.
His sets always have a clear starting and finishing point and there is constantly a story being told in between. Often moody, sometimes emotional but always deep, his sound draws strong influences from labels such as Kompakt, Cityfox and Innervisions.
Not one who’s big on self-promotion within the scene, Aaron prefers to keep himself under the radar and simply let the music do the talking.



Cyril Orson
Dean Davis

Head Honcho of long running club night Audio Project, Dean hosts bi-monthly nights at Auckland’s infamous Ink Bar, where he plays unique elements of deep house, techno and electronica and his musically layered sets are regular highlights at some of the most prominent house and techno nights across Auckland.

He’s played alongside the likes of Florian Kruse, Emerson Todd, Alex Kid, Tamo Sumo, Madmotormiquel, Henry Saiz, Oliver Koletzki, Nico Stojan, David Mayer, Detroit Swindle, Inland Knights and Sonny Fodera as well as opening for the legendary Leftfield at their only New Zealand show at a sold-out Neck of the Woods.

 Dean excels when performing at festivals, so of which include Earthbeat, Aum, Shipwrecked and in 2016 landed a residency at the 7 Deadly Gins bar at Burning Man showcasing his range of different musical environments. 





Brad Friis

From an early age Brad became ‘possessed and obsessed’ by the bottom-heavy rhythms of Sly & Robbie and the futuristic techno sounds of Kraftwerk’s ‘The Man Machine’. Armed with the time afforded to children he spent many hours splicing favourite pieces from songs on records into loops on cassette tapes,  gifting the results to family and friends. From these early beginnings of making crassly cool mixtapes he’s never looked back.

At 18 a set of turntables, a sizeable JBL sound system and he was off underground, organising and playing at parties for anyone that wanted to dance. With countless events to his credit including touring internationals Richie Hawtin, Hardfloor, Claude Young, DJ Pauli, Richie Rich and Der Dritte Raum, Brad is as captivated with finding and sharing a new groove as ever. Now 30 years on, perhaps more.

Based in the stunning Hawkes Bay on the East Coast of New Zealand, Brad plays a weekly house music night and radio show along with running a monthly Sunday Session event.  His musical leanings still favour the roll and swing of the dub groove found in many styles of dance music. Regardless of genre, what makes Brad’s offerings so damn entertaining is his ability to find and creatively mix music with a certain kind of quirkiness that never fails to captivate and move those in its slipstream.




Heylady is an Auckland by Wellington reprobate who is often spotted behind the decks or on the dancefloor. Having spent last year in Melbourne, she has been back in NZ since February and is lighting up dancefloors with a vengeance. Dedicated to constantly improving the house scene, Heylady has worked with some of the biggest and the best over the past 20 years, as well as some of the smallest and coolest. She’s played alongside the likes of Leftfield, Ame, Sante, Derrick May and A Guy Called Gerald, to name a few. 

Cutting her teeth as a promoter, she has run multiple party series under the Casio Circus and Back on Track brands, she’s run small festivals, stage managed, curated, collaborated and collected music and musicians, and she’s brought through some of the biggest names in house music. 

She held a much desired residency at The 7 Deadly Gins at Burning Man, she rocked LA and now plays regularly across New Zealand. Heylady has cemented herself as one of the forces to watch, from big festival sets to small, intimate club spaces, her diversity and range always ensures a stomping dancefloor. 

Born with a soul infused with a love of all things tech, ponies, sneakers and dressups, Heylady believes fun and frivolity is paramount, which is why her sets never conform to any one silly sub-genre. It’s all four-four, isn’t it? 





Matt Drake

Matt Drake has been a champion of timeless electronic body music in Aotearoa for more than two decades.

 His style is a hypersonic melting pot of cosmic house jams, hypnotic Detroit motorbass and muscular techno grooves.

 Drawing inspiration from the astral arpeggios of 70s Krautrock, ragged Balearic vagabond synth pop of the 80s and proto-rave machine rhythms of the 90s.

 Matt has dedicated his life to music – being a core part of New Zealand’s underground music scene since the early 90s – a founding member of Nurture Recordings, running Crucial Records in Auckland’s High Street, hosting the decade-running Slipstream radio on George FM, running club nights such as Beatstreet, Energy Flash and Body Jack, through touring internationals and working in the product teams at Serato, Rane and Denon.








It all began for Osey in 2003 in the gritty city of London, where he fell deep in with house, breaks and vinyl. This love soon found him holding down a residency at a small club She Bu where he cut his teeth in the booth and forged a reputation for laying down a killer vibe.

As time went on and his reputation grew he gained a residency at Shoreditch’s notorious Light Bar, as well as guesting at London’s institutions such as T Bar, Fire, Cargo, Trafik, as well as landing gigs across the mainland and Ibiza.

Arriving back in New Zealand in 2014 to raise a family – Osey immersed himself in the local scene, playing throughout the lush Antipodean side of the world at parties like Rainbow Serpent, Sideburn, Shipwrecked and AUM festivals.

Now at the helm of LO-FI Productions – a house/techno collective that curates party’s with a twist, Osey has built a loyal following of die hard ravers alongside fresh faced house and techno heads with his infectious energy and passion for quality.

From deep aquatic house groovers to peak time destroyers, Osey creativity on the decks allows him tweak any dancefloor into a frenzy.

Osey’s sound is always groovy, always melodic, always on point.






Simon Flower

Simon has now clocked up over 25 years in the global techno scene.

 After starting to produce and DJ in the early 90’s, it wasn’t long before he started the now highly sought-after vinyl label Nurture Recordings, before going on to release records on prestigious imprints such as Poker Flat, Moon Harbour, Dessous and Compost Black Label, and then tour Europe.

 With his roots and inspiration found firmly in the Berlin/Detroit axis, Simon’s DJ sets lay out a seamless mix of uncompromising electronic music with shuffle and soul.

 Spotify (Simon Flower): https://open.spotify.com/artist/71ej8AVMMEdx9MKQEvCrJS

Spotify (peak:shift): https://open.spotify.com/artist/1XpFB5I7L5n3jP17fvLCuK

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/simon-flower

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peakshiftmusic

DJ mix: https://soundcloud.com/simon-flower/hdphns-dj-mix

Tina Mairi

In a few short years Tina Mairi has progressed from her personal project of mixing two songs every day for 100 days in a row to emerge as a passionate and highly regarded wāhine of Auckland underground house and techno. Versatile, intuitive and a keen dancer herself, Tina applies her affinity for harmony and rhythm to each individual dance floor with the intention of transmitting a pure, joyful and transformative experience.


Photo credit:  Aaron Burgess


During his time as a DJ and Producer, JANEIN’s musical career has been akin to the flight of a spaceship. While not without it’s obstacles, the young german artist has been running on full gear unintimidated and has henceforth left big marks on the techno scene like BASSIANI, Distillery, Institut Fuer Zukunft, Blitz Club Munich, ://about blank, TRESOR and Säule at Berghain to name a few.

Be it by running the SEELEN imprint, dismantling one of the stops on his quickly growing tour-schedule or delivering relentless, trance-tinged techno cuts with a clear nod to pulpy 80’s science fiction. His selection in one of his DJ-sets also shows a particular sensibility to what makes Rave culture, with a unique take on techno spanning modern chugger’s to old school EBM anthems.



Founder of SEELEN.


Feel My Bicep // Cold Tonic

Donning the tick of approval from international heavyweights Bicep, Sandboards is representing New Zealand as one of the global industries rising stars of underground house. It’s easy to see why Sandboards have signed productions to labels Cold Tonic, Rinse, Margins, and Feel My Bicep: a Sandboards track is firmly rooted in electronic and deep house foundations, always maintaining warehouse ready vibes through jackhammer basslines and crisp percussion.


Sun Archive

Bio incoming

Mood Control

When two electronic music DJ’s come together as a team to produce their own sound you know that you’re in for
something epic, especially so when each has their own particular touches to add from years of working out just where their electronic musical hearts lie. Craig James
from NZ, and Jonas Fischer (aka Sanoi) hailing from Germany, have individually immersed themselves into the scene and developed their own flavours and styles
throughout the years – with Craig known for his driving techno sets and Jonas leaning to the deep melodic side,
backed up by his symphonic studies of young. Now they’ve joined their musical forces together as Mood Control, the name of which speaks for itself. Neither man
in this live duo is new on the scene, but the music they are producing definitely is. Live mixing self-produced, multi-layered tracks for on the fly sampling and manipulating the possibilities are endless.

Inka Bar – Auckland/NZ
Neck Of The Woods – Auckland/NZ
Barmuda – Queenstown/NZ
Silent Studios – Auckland/NZ
Friends From Around the World
2019 NZ



CJ Funkowfield

CJ Funkowfield is a passionate party professional hailing from the sunny climes of New Zealand.

Discovering his love of electronic music in the 90’s, CJ secured his first residency at Christchurch’s Heaven nightclub back in 2001. He has since become a renowned fixture in the NZ underground scene,
captivating crowds across the country with his signature style.

A Funkowfield performance is carefully crafted, designed to move and elevate. Rolling basslines intersect with deep, sensual vocals, each unique journey sprinkled with sweetness, all infused with a relentless grunty, psychedelic twist.

CJ’s new brand, In Kahoots, is built on his extensive industry knowledge and experience in hosting some of New Zealand’s very best nights out. Founder of the legendary Funkhutt camp at Kiwiburn, his uncompromising emphasis on quality combines the highest caliber of performers with leading-edge audio and visual technologies, making his events a study in the fine art of delectably lush vibes.
Expanding his creativity into the realms of music production, CJ is also working on collaborative projects with top local producers, with forthcoming releases imminent.



Cooper Khan
Born in the UK which fostered his life long love affair with dance music, Cooper has been playing gigs in NZ, Australia, the UK and Europe for the past 8 years.
His musical journey began with Drum & Bass back in Brighton, one which continued in the clubs, bedrooms and garages of Auckland when he arrived here as a fresh-faced eighteen-year-old. In the last few years however Cooper has been marching predominantly to the House & Techno beat, and has been spinning his energetic, rolling, booty-popping tunes on the radio, in clubs and at festivals as Folie à Deux (a duo), and now, solo as Cooper Khan.
Pulling influences from both genres to create his unique and dynamic sound behind the decks, Cooper brings long blends, technical mixing and a groove like no other to his sets.
Logan Baker

Festival maker, party starter, fun enhancer, techno lover and music slinger. Plumber and Gasfitter, Stage design and builder.
Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Logan has not only graced the shores of the Pacific, but also toured Europe, bringing his own uniquely enriched, driving techno and house sound to a variety of audiences. Melody and bass is key, as his DJ sets are driven by tribal influence and heavy dubbed out kicks. One thing is for certain, Logan knows how to command the decks with confidence and skill. Prepare for a wild ride!

Since the early 2000’s Logan has been collecting vinyl, digital and djing around the world.

Some highlights have been, Fusion Festival, Katerblau, Golden Gate Berlin,
Splore festival, Shipwrecked festival (NZ), Subsonic Festival (Australia), Strawberry Fields (Australia), Single Fin (Bali), Aum (NZ), Moscow with SCSI-9, Killing Time, Revolver, Breakfast Club (melb) and our local watering holes Ink Bar, Neck Of The Woods, Laundry.



Matt Empyre

Releases on Unity Records & Shodan Records”An emerging artist with a passion for producing and playing melodic, driving, infectious techno & tech house grooves”

Played Internationally for Elrow Antwerp, REKON Manchester, Electric Ballroom Newcastle

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, but born in New Zealand, Matt has spent a decade involved in the small yet, passionate house and techno scenes throughout his home country.

2019 is already shaping up to be a huge year for Matt Empyre. With a release “Mandarin Shoe” on D-Unity’s Unity Records and a gig at Montana Royal in the Austrian alps kicking off the year, Matt
Empyre also has upcoming gigs and festival in Stockholm and other parts of Europe confirmed or in the planning stages.

2018 saw Matt Empyre playing his first major gig in Stockholm. As part of his other project Cronje Empyre he opened for Hidden Empire at Slakthuset in June. Later in Septermber Matt played 3 gigs at Eden, and Hush in Ibiza and then finished up the year at the Cosmic ballroom in Newcastle England.

Matt Empyre’s, monthly Empyre State of Tech radio show frequently gets top in the top 5 charts on Mixcloud

DJing and Promoting has been his main contributions to the scene, hosting Carl Cox for his first Wellington gig in 2014.
It was a chance meeting and conversation with Carl Cox a year prior that kickstarted Matt Empyre’s production career.

The Iconic Carl Cox Revolution – Space Ibiza parties are a big influence on the style and sound that Matt plays and produces,
giving it his own unique twist.

Before moving to Sweden, you could catch Matt Empyre playing in regularly in Auckland, playing and hosting parties such as Pitch n’ Faders, Pitch n’ Faders pres High Calibre, ish and many more.
Matt’s also been fortunate to play at some of New Zealand’s biggest festivals, Rhythm and Vines (2 Years in a row) & Taniwha’s

Since moving to Sweden, Matt Empyre has played at local clubs and bars, Slakthuset, Lokal, Hobo & Yellow with plans to play
many more in the future.

WEBSITE: www.mattempyre.com
EMAIL: info@mattempyre.net
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/mattempyre
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/mattempyreofficial
MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/mattempyre/



Co-founder of Aum Productions John Paul Moss AKA `Ferksta‘ played his first real DJ set with a handful of junglist & hardcore records he brought back from the UK at the first dance party he made back in the summer of 1991. Since then his tastes have ranged from garage, to house and techno when he was co-owner the infamous VELVET parties in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and stepping in to psytrance and the more meatier sounds around the end of the Velvet days.

Now one of New Zealand’s most recognisable psychedelic djs, Ferksta’s music selection style is difficult to box. He crosses many genres whenever he plays and is not afraid to try the new with the old. In general terms though when playing, as Ferksta he plays progressive psychedelic. But he also loves the chunkiness of good psytech, the kick of meaty progressive techno, and the weight of a good rolling bassline regardless of its origin. In any given set you will also find lush organic soundscapes and atmospheric journeys swirling around and through the driving basslines he prefers. Ferksta’s mixing style plus the way he understands and uses sound systems defines his sound. He mixes very deep into each track, often layering different elements from the tunes he has selected to create whole new live experience. Bringing in vocal and other samples to paint his soundscape, and never afraid to pitch it up or to pitch it down to suit the floor, Ferksta engages with the crowd and works the mixer non-stop through his sets.

As always Ferksta will be playing 2 sets at this year’s festival, progressive psytrance on the 31st, and his traditional closing set of the White Stag on the 1st Jan. (He was made to do this set every year by Anna and several other senior crew… what’s the guy to do?!)




Froggman has his roots firmly planted in Cape Town, South Africa. After attending a few outdoor psytrance festivals and being inspired by a few of the resident DJ’s at Getafix, the longest running psytrance club in Cape Town, he begun mixing psytrance and also became a resident DJ there. He moved to NZ in 2008 and after attending his first outdoor party here he knew he had something to to offer. He’s played for Phat Productions, Rural Remix, Altered Dimensions, Twisted Planet, Luminate Festival, Neverlands Way – New Caledonia and is now a resident DJ with Prog Station and AUM Productions. Froggman is inspired by the energy on the dancefloor and plays a combination of chunky Zenon and psy progg that will have you bouncing nonstop and leave you grinning from ear to ear.




Returns from the wild, “fresh as a drop of rain”

Haydz, from the shores of NZ,
has had a life long passion for sound and music.
Touring with her sound engineer father as a child in the 80’s/90’s with various rock, rythum & blues & NZ music bands.
It then became prominent that the Front of house sound desk became “my spot”

Falling in love with electronic music in the late 1990’s Haydz then became one of nz’s first female pay-trance dj’s. Hitting the decks and playing music within the underground NZ psy-trance scene for many years.

Today influenced from the past combining pieces of the present and foresight to the future.
Playing a dj set, a musical journey of moody, deep & infectious, hypnotic grooves.
Toe tapping, bum wiggling, dance floor stomping tunes that endeavour to hit your “sweet spot”




Lee Illusion & Pide Piper Paul

The world was always going to get a dose of L&P as Lee and Paul have been merrymaking by Djing, partying and dancing at the same parties for over a decade. It was just bound to happen, lucky for all that it is now rather than later. The Dj skills they both bring are honed from over 40yrs, combined Dj knowledge and experience. It shows in the flow, the intensity and the magic that happens as they cast a mystical spell of sweet notation, along with addictive head nodding rhythm. Don’t be the one who missed out on a L&P set! Refreshingly Different!


Munter began mixing when he discovered a dingy corrugated iron shack tucked away on Normanby Road in the shadow of Mount Eden about 20 years ago. He played festivals from the old Cyberculture gigs and first Splore Festivals, The Gathering to Alpine Unity and Dreamweavers. Munter always serves up a musical journey drawing from too many diverse styles and genres to really know what you’ll be getting until it reaches your ears.




Bio incoming


Owsley. Keeping it above sky and psy fi, since way back when. 


A veteran of AUM Productions, he is back for another round, this time, it’s a party for Pan. With a solid rhythm like clock, tick tock, you will be snapped away to a place where every track has a Hook and Fairy Dust abounds, we will be like Tinkerbell and shine our beacons so that the Lost Boys can find their way home and together we can fly to Neverland. P.S Crocodiles encouraged and welcome.


Living in NZ for the last 6 years, she was introduced to electronic music 3 years ago and immediately drawn to the Psychedelic elements of trance music. Rana then found herself on a boat in the middle of the ocean, with a group of massive music enthusiasts that taught her the skill of mixing.  Prana has played gigs and festivals around NZ such as AUM NYs festival & Midwinter party, Dimension, Lubble, High Distinction, Chupatrance, and more. She has also branched her offerings to Australia with Nonstandard spacetime in South Psy’d.  This creation is an evolving journey – Told through stories from all angles.  Join to experience and live – With no expectations, but an open soul.




AUM Productions resident DJ Protocol brings his own unique style to the dancefloor – cheeky, fun, funky, deep and groovy.  You can expect a wide range of styles from old-school to new-school, epic build-ups, drifting trance and delicious basslines.  Two decades of DJing shines through with his seamless mixing, precision selected tracks and mixer wizardry.

When on the decks he has the dancefloor pumping with a polished blend of energetic, fat, twisty, intelligent grooves and a whomp to take your knees out.  Since the inception of Protocol’s DJing career (circa 1996), he has taken crowds through a first-class journey of expert mixing, drifting melodies and an awesome vibe that will leave you beaming within your dance bubble.

Events and bookings since 2008:  AUM Productions resident DJ, Lubble, Twisted Planet resident DJ, Rural Remix, Proggers Anonymous, Prog Station, UPFM Psy Salad, Phat Productions, Anawhata Solstice, The Old Stone Hut, NZ Unicorn Army, Voyage, Luminate.




Sharkra has been deeply in love with music for as long as she can remember, she found her escape from reality through the flow of music, she is able to shift her vibe with her unique styles. Diving down the rabbit hole of DJing in February 19’ she has found herself now fully immersed in the scene, playing at events such as Phat Production – Forest Antics, AUM – Midwinter Party, Trancevaders – Legohead and more. Planting some sexy psychedelic charged waves from varieties of Techno, Downtempo & House to Future Prog & Psytrance, Sharkra will blend and infuse her styles with organically alien vibes. She likes her music to captivate her listeners into a deep journey while keeping a bouncy & rhythmic flow.





Adam aka Adamint started mixing breakbeat vinyl in 2008, and after a few year’s began spinning at house parties and underground club events. In 2014 Adam played his first psytrance set at the first dimension festival and has since frequented NZ psytrance festivals and events while gathering the most cutting edge energy fullon from alternative and unknown artists from around the globe.

“I try to create a set where every track tells a story, tunes that make you feel something, fun inspiring music that brings you closer to your friends at the festival.”

Expect a fast paced uplifting party vibe and unique modern sound.


African Drumming Waikato

African Drumming Waikato is an organisation based in Hamilton that teaches the art of african drum and dance to people of all skill levels.
We offer Community classes, Corporate team building, School workshops, and much more.

Anirvan Diva

Originally from Italy, he moved to Auckland 8 and a half years ago and has raised the vibration at many events and festivals in Europe and New Zealand such as Ananda Festival of Bliss – Portugal, AUM, Bhakti Festival – Italy, Dimension, NZ Spirit, NZ International Yoga Festival, Voice of the Sacred Earth.  Rooted in the richness of diverse musical traditions, Anirvan Deva’s multicultural sound crosses borders between world fusion, downtempo, hypnotic/melodic deep house. 

Battle Katz NZ

The Battle Katz were formed a few years back when Katzbii and Ominous Din walked into Albany Noel Leeming and messed around with Garageband on one of the macs, making a Trap song in 10 minutes as a Joke. They then went back to the studio to make a Drum & Bass tune that went on to be rinsed out by some local DJs at the time, eventually leading to the two getting gigs in their own right. Having been around each other mixing and spending ridiculous amounts of money on tunes, the two decided at some point it’d be sweet if they B2B’d and so started playing local shows in underground raves and bars like Cassette 9 and Neck of the Woods. Putting together the meticulous well thought-out style of O.D and the unpredictable twisted mindset of Katzbii, The Battle Katz are sure to please any drum and bass head’s rinse fueled night.

Bella Mafia MC

Hi I’m Bella Mafia a vocalist and rapper for awesome DJ’s. I can flow and vibe to all genres of electronic music and have over 10 years’ experience doing live performances. I pride myself on being a FREESTYLE MC working for the DJ and complimenting their tune selects across all genres. I always come up with fresh lyrics each time, this is my forte, I keep it real to the crowd and try to communicate lyrics and a vibe that the audience will enjoy and connect with.


Bing? C’mon, everyone knows Bing.
LEGEND sexyman.

Brett Bronze

Co-Owner, Event Coordinator, Consultant and DJ at Collude. Born and raised in East Auckland with 10+ years of club DJ experience. His skill in mixing fluently evolved by listening and learning from the best DJ’s in Auckland over the last decade or so, as well as building a flamboyant collection of house, techno, and electronic music, usually found floating between 120-130 bpm. 


C-matic has been moving dance floors on the Melbourne underground techno scene since the mid 2000’s.  Mixing a seamless blend of impeccably selected floor focused techno, her sound is a delight for appreciators of the more minimalist tech vibes.  One of the faces behind the legendary “acollectivefuture” parties and known to make appearances at Killing Time, The Breakfast Club @ 161 and BlackMarket. She has also performed at some of Australia’s leading underground music festivals including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Maitreya, Forgotten Kingdom and Tribeadelic, and Aum Festival in New Zealand.

Chey Harvey

Hailing from the northern region of whangarei, Chey Harvey began her musical journey at the age of 12, finding her voice through song writing and allowing her ability to take her to Auckland where she would further develop her skills through her music studies at MAINZ. At age 21, she won the Eva Mendes Scholarship and was flown to Hollywood to work with established producers and musicians, which inspired her to take her musical career to the next level.

Dale Richie

Dale Richie is a veteran DJ having played to countless crowds for more than 25 years. His thirst for electronic music started in the 80’s and by the summer of 1991 he was at in the heart of the London’s underground dance scene. Two years later he was mixing it up with the Do It Crew before co-founding the the Chimaera Sound System in 1994.

For the next 10-years their custom built sound system could be heard blaring all night long at their annual summer solstice forest parties in North London, from Welsh mountain tops, castles in Luxembourg and numerous festivals during the summer months including the London May Day festivals. During the winter months it was time to hit the bars, clubs, warehouses & private parties.

In 2004 he moved from the big old smoke to the long white cloud bringing his tunes, sound system and carried on regardless. Over the last few years his love for the great outdoors has been reignited with appearances at Aum, Burning Seed, Dimension, Ignition and Kiwiburn, along with the long anticipated Shipwrecked.

As he’s always on the hunt for new tunes expect him to drop anything that comes with a little groove to it.

Jamie D & Yama

Jamie D & Yama met in the dark depths of Ink Bar, K’rd, many years ago. They immediately developed a close bond. Both driven by a similar taste and enthusiasm for music they started DJing and producing together, which lead to them hosting radio shows for a couple stations and kicking off the Beat Berry Jam club nights in Auckland and Hamilton. Separately, Jamie D has released many house tracks of his own and Yama DJs regularly around Auckland. Together the duo has played back to back in clubs: Ink Bar, Aisha, Red Bar, Fhloston Paradise, Loft & Sekure, and Aura. Life’s busy these days, but they still make the effort to come together for the New Year’s Eve Aum Festival and bring their funk- infused, phat bassline, tech house music to the punters. As one of them drops a complementary track, the other is flooded with new inspiration, and their one for one back to back set becomes a sonic journey of its own, going beyond any imaginary musical boundary they had preconceived.

Marcus Morgan

Bio incoming


Blending organic sounds with deep, hypnotic grooves to bring a low- down & lush vibe to the small, ever changing scene of New Zealand. Drawing influences from Funk, Jazz and Psychedelia, Mellowtact weaves electronic music with sounds from all over the world. 

Whilst exploring different styles of electronic music, Mellowtact put together a team of talented artists who create spaces for all to experience. The selection of artists have developed their experimental stage designs from smokey, underground jazz bars with live sitar and saxophone players, to stages in pine forests growing through old quarry mines… Over 2019, they’ve worked with various crews and festivals around NZ, including Luminate, Otherlanz, Earthbeat, Shipwrecked and AUM Productions, to name a few. 

After designing open-air festival stages, warehouse raves and art exhibitions throughout New Zealand, Mellowtact is heading to Europe for some fresh inspiration before the NZ summer festival circuit begins… 

Mixes: Downtempo / Chillout https://soundcloud.com/mellowtact/decompress-an-afterglow 

Deep House / Closing Set https://soundcloud.com/mellowtact/a-space-cadets-sunris

Pieter Borgh

Born during the ass end of apartheid in SA and shunted around the globe before the age of 14 years old to finally settle in NZ, Pieter Borgh was now accustomed to a life of turmoil, displacement and change.
One thing that was always consistent and reliable in his heart was his cassette collection and his fascination of electronic music. Having been exposed to the earliest styles of Goa when he was just a whipper snapper in the early ’90s … this boy grew into music with a very special edge.
Heavy Metal turned Electronic + Goa turned Psy = Prog turned Techno.
Techno is where he has found his Niche and ultimate expression.
Pushing for the hard styles has always been an agenda for this man and this continues to be the theme looking forward. His style ranges in the Techno genre from deep, dark and brooding to driving, hypnotic and hardcore. Production, DJing & event management have always been neck and neck and finding his place to truly release creatively in NZ has not been an easy road. Starting the very successful party under his latest brand, GEARED… he is now able to play what he wants, whether you like it or not. He is now in a very unique position to give people in Auckland (NZ) a new approach to Techno.
‘If you build it, they will come.’
Be it a Live set or Dj set, one thing this man knows how to do is capture peoples attention and keep them locked into a journey of the freshest hard hitting Techno from around the world. Headlining parties over and over again be it Germany or around New Zealand, Pieter Borgh is a booking you can always rely on. Never playing into popular trends keeps him at the front of the pack and pushing forward.
His original productions and remixes are slowly being released and are always at the forefront of his dreams. Currently he has releases on Beat & Path (NZ), Iboga (DK) Soundfood (AU) Mikelabella (ES) and now having amassed new hardware and a new direction he is excited about his signing to the Beat & Path Record Label (NZ) and for what may ensue in the deep styles as well as the harder styles of production.



Rachael Sabin

The night she unexpectedly had to fill in and spin some tunes for her drunken DJ boyfriend, she accidentally fell in love with DJing… and when she fell, she sure fell hard!  Her boyfriend instructed her to just ‘blend the two records together…  you know, just like you do at home’, but she promptly grew tired of that and thought, ‘f**k this, I’m gonna mix!’.  That fateful evening, she ended up staying on the decks for about four hours and later, when she first experienced the overwhelming rush that comes from playing to a solid dancefloor, there was no cure, she was seriously hooked and her life would change forever.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachael Sabin has been at the leading edge of Auckland’s underground house scene since she started playing in 1999.  Rachael learnt her trade throughout the land, becoming resident at such venues and parties as SPQR, Velvet, Fu Bar and The Loft and was frequently asked to guest at major international events including the huge Gatecrasher and Global Underground events both in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2002 Rachael set off on her big overseas adventure.  She stepped right out of her comfort zone and moved to London.  Along with her new DJ partner, Mark Pickering, she started a bi-weekly Saturday evening radio show on Worldwide FM, London’s original online radio station.  Guests included Timo Garcia, Dean Webb, Andy Taylor, Derrick Carter, Anthea, Giles Smith, Jafar, Tim Red, Satsuma, Jason Spencer, Anthony Cox, Jen Gannon, Ben Jam, Dan Air and Jamie Winter.

Rachael’s vibrant personality, impressive technical skills and unique ability to hypnotise and seduce the dancefloor ensure that she’s kept busy.  Always keeping it real and playing the hottest deep house and techno – make sure you catch one of her sets soon.  You’ll find her at Ink, or Red Bar in Auckland, as well as her residency at all AUM PRODUCTION’S events.  She promoted TECHNOLOGYSTOLEMYVINYLE and JADED club nights in Auckland in the past and now plays live and produces music as CLEVER BOX.  She’s currently running some very successful gigs with a focus on live electronic acts and producers called CLEVER BOX & FRIENDS, as well as launching a new music and art collective called THE JOY ADMINISTRATION.

Rob Warner

Rob Warner has been a DJ since discovering electronic music in the early 1990s. Since those early days he’s shown an endless passion for seeking out understated music and playing cross-genre sets which mesh house, techno, tribal and disco. 

His deep experience and knack for avoiding fads has seen him hold him residencies at the most celebrated underground clubs in Auckland since the early 1990s – The Box, Redzone and Calibre. He’s been a longtime support DJ for many DJs and brands touring NZ including Global Underground and Renaissance and his international support slots is a who’s who of DJs: Deep Dish, Mood II Swing, Carl Craig, DJ Pierre, Derrick Carter, Danny Howells, Sasha, Steve Lawler, Nick Warren, Satoshi Tomiie, DJ Sneak, Stacey Pullen, Phil Asher and many more. 

He’s created compilations for BMG NZ and Ready Mix Records, and his productions include remixing Grammy-nominated artist Danny Tenaglia on the iconic Twisted America label alongside fellow kiwi Shaveer. 

Rob is a DJ known for his versatility and bringing something unique to events. He opened the White Stag stage at Aum in both 2017 and 2018. 

Unicorn Army NZ

Once again the Unicorn Army will decend on AUM, this time by the thousands! YES! We will be attempting to break the Guiness World Record for the most number of people wearing unicorn hors at a single gathering! Last year, we were so close… this year we WILL NOT FAIL!


Music and sublime MCing by our Leader Marcus Morgan


Martin Warren aka VECTRIX is a rising quality producer & DJ from New Zealand. Over years of production experimentation with Breaks and Techno sounds VECTRIX has managed to create his own unique and rather solid Psychedelic/Tech-Funk sound by blending rolling Tech-Breaks with Electro-Breaks and Techno touches, infusing those with the energetic elements of Psy-Trance. His first original release, ‘That’s What’s Up” with V.I.M Records in 2014, was a break- beat banger, spending a number of weeks in the beatport charts, and gaining the attention of many in the scene as one to watch. With a top 5 beatport release (The Rythym – 2016) and ever growing catalougue of successful releases, remixes and collaborations with top breaks artist including Chris Voro, Andy Faze Parallaxx Breakz, Martopeter and Acidova to name a few. 

Not only an accomplished producer, but with over 12 years DJing clubs, parties and events and with a vast, eclectic collection of music spreading across genres from Drum n Bass, Techy, driving underground house, mid-tempo psy-dub, breaks and so much more, his passion and enthusiasm for the music he plays is plain to see, and that energy projects directly to the dancefloor.


I have been deeply interested in electronic music since the age of twelve. I picked up my first set of turntables at fifteen and was hooked. My early years saw me playing a lot of high bpm electronic music at various parties around the country. This lasted until I went to my first outdoor psychedelic trance festival where I was blown away by the people, the environment and tribal feeling of these events. I could not get enough of the feeling of oneness, with all of nature whilst dancing barefoot under the stars with likeminded people. In this scene I was drawn towards the chill out zones where good conversations, meditation and deep ethnic/psychedelic dub was often played. This is the angle that I have taken my sets these days. I love playing the most organic of ambient through to heaviest of psychedelic dub. Come and enjoy. Namaste.


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2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV

Darkness falls across the land

The midnight hour is close at hand

Creatures crawl in search of blood

To terrorize y’all’s neighborhood

And whosoever shall be found

Without the soul for getting down

Must stand and face the hounds of hell

And rot inside a corpse’s shell

The foulest stench is in the air

The funk of forty thousand years

And grizzly ghouls from every tomb

Are closing in to seal your doom

And though you fight to stay alive

Your body starts to shiver

For no mere mortal can resist

The evil of the thriller!






2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV
2nd Release NOV