Welcome to Auckand's new family friendly boutique music and arts festival. Aum The Eclectic Garden. A day/night experience held under the sky on the lush inviting lawns of Corban Estate Arts Centre. In this luxurious setting you will enjoy hours of pure musical enchantment, starring for the first time in New Zealand two long awaited musical legends; Deep Forest and Gaudi, who have joined forces for the creation of their superb forthcoming collaborative album `Circuits', and a brand new live show. Along with exceptional local support, Aum The Eclectic Garden will also feature an incredible visual show decor, and art stage to tantalise your senses, plus stunning world class sound. Please do join us.


Few French groups achieve worldwide success, but one such group is Deep Forest, who have sold several million album copies.The story began in the North of France in the early 90s wihen Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez first met, two musicians fascinated by ethnic music which they mixed with their own sounds. Deep Forest venture was underway!


There’s no easy way to encapsulate GAUDI’s vast body of work. For the past three decades, the innovative producer and solo artist has been shattering genre barriers, pioneering the electronic and dance music worlds, and amassing a stunning collection of originals, remixes, collaborations, and soundtracks spanning the worlds of reggae, dub, breakbeat and cutting-edge psychedelic bass music.


Sola Rosa Sound System

Huia Hamon

Feat. Baitercell & Rei