“Seuss” – THANK YOU

Hi beautiful people, WOW! wasn’t that something…

Thank you all so much for bringing such a beautiful vibe to our little festival. The joy, love, sharing and all round fun was abundant throughout the three glorious days we were gifted. A stunning community in full flourish. Such an honour to build these events for you all. It really is… Possibly the best vibe at an event that I have ever witnessed. Calm and full of love, yet up for it and vibrant the whole time.

Thank you so much to our wonderful musical and visual artists. The line-up throughout the entire festival on all three music stages was superb. Incredible soul lifting sets, day and night and the place looked stunning with the additional artwork provided for our team to place around the site. We are SO lucky! Special mention to the legend Billy TK Senior for his kind and beautiful words. Not to mention his sublime music of course! Rachael as our artist liaison/ head stage manager + her marvellous stage managers Kirsty and Alannah, and Fleur our art curator & Pete of course… you both are doing such stunning jobs. Love you so much.

Thank you so much to Josh and the wonderful 80+ workshops you had running throughout. As usual the children were just exploding with joy at your every move. The fire performances each night were a stunning addition. Also the areal yoga, yoga zone and other dance performances were superb and quite intriguing! And to the beautiful Emma Hamish taking care of all of your healing needs.

Thank you to Martin and all of the stall holders and vendors for providing us with wonderful shopping, interesting treats and delicious food throughout the event. Special thanks as always to the Coffee Guru for providing that additional getaway space for people to chill in.

As for the rest of the Aum Productions team, our volunteers and contractors… we achieved something very special with ॐ `SEUSS!’ – something truly world class and a little out of this world actually. No doubt you have seen some of the reviews… “Best festival in NZ” “Best new years festival in the world” “As good as any international festival….” etc etc. Just amazing. Seriously, TAKE A BOW!!! Be so proud of what you achieved. Only we know what it is really like behind the scenes of this kind of show… It is hard hard work. But boy did you nail it! The stages, artworks and canopy designed and constructed by Matt, Jadyn, Faiek, Mum & crew and the amazing Aum build crew including Super Bolbie, the brothers, Glenn, the mind blowing lighting by Greg, the power grid & superb sound taken care of by Joel, the stunning sound management of the live stage by Bodhiand crew, wonderful lighting & visual effects from Stan & Thal, the ever present Matt, Laurie, Abomonable Benman. Ben, TJ, Chrys and Chanelmucking in to do what ever we needed basically… Our on site master Symon keeping the infrastructure going, Jo & Sandy taking care of the volunteers and info, Rache absolutely mastering the gate (WIN!!), the fantastic security led by Paulo, the wonderful relaxed and largely under utilised St Johns crew, our beautiful Lance & Nicola who just turn up and step up so high every time, our wonderful camp mother Annie who kept us all fed, Sgnt major Carl & the lovely Simon who were simply machines when things needed to get done, the incredible visual work done by Perrin & crew, marvellous magical Marcus who keeps all things electronic moving for us and so much more, Bernd who put in so much I can’t even calculate, Bing, Trace, Paul & Dan, Hemi for providing so much support, Zane & Riley for the millions of miles and tones of lifting you did… just epic stuff boys… Billy, Caroline, OJ, Carlos, Chloe, Janine, DRok, James Potter (LEGEND!), Phil, Logan, Lori, our epic photographers, Paul Moss (the other one!), and SO MANY MORE! None of this could have happened without you love, focus, hard work and dedication. None of it. Thank you so much guys, and again… take a bow. You are all total rock stars and we love you all immensely.

As for my Anna… Wow. You girl are simply a force to be reckoned with. A true master in everything you touch. Thank you so much darling! I love you the most.

Watch out for Nahko & Medicine for the people tickets to go on sale this Wednesday 8pm. This show will sell fast. www.aum.simpletix.co.nz

This years ॐ NYE 2017 theme is `The Wizard of Aum’! so start thinking about your costumes… We can and will take it up yet another notch. There will be some changes to some of the stage programming and we will be taking all of your feedback in to consideration in continuing to build the wonderful thing we call Aum. First round tickets will be on sale soon too  😉

Again, thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!

See you all real soon yeah!


Anna & Paul
Aum Productions
A new direction in light & sound

Aum Productions“Seuss” – THANK YOU