We had a great start with our `Psychedelic festival’ in Raglan, and achieved a pretty good result with only a comparatively small amount of waste left after the event, and almost spotless grounds top to bottom. Including a completely spotless camping area!!! Actually, it was a pretty amazing result to be honest. But… we can do better! It’s kind of another way to show you the level of respect we want to display whilst doing these events, and of showing a little more of who we are.

All ॐ outdoor events will be ZERO WASTE events, and we will need your help in establishing this simple but effective and wonderful culture that is enjoyed at more and more festivals around NZ and the globe.

NOTE – Because the people we are attracting to our events are some of the most beautiful, cool, caring and considerate humans around we do not anticipate any issue with waste whatsoever at ॐ. But we suppose it’s good to be upfront about this stuff.

Here’s some of the things we will be doing and that we propose:

*No chemical toilets: All toilets on site will be purpose built flushing toilets (LUXURY!!!). Unless numbers go over a certain amount, in which case we will look to install some (new and improved design) composting toilets rather than use portaloos.

*No bottled water will be sold on site: Please bring your own reusable water container and fill it up at one of the water stations that will be on site, free of charge, with our compliments. Apparently many people simply missed the free water station by the dance floor in Raglan and kept going up the hill to the one in the camp ground… we will sign post better this time 🙂

*Please bring your own plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoons: Food vendors on site will carry minimal paper and fully bio-degradable packaging, but we would rather this only be used in an absolute emergency and rather you used re-usable items of your own instead. A basic wash station will be provided for you to do your dishes. We will also provide some eco-friendly detergent for this purpose. You may want to bring a tea towel though!

*Smokers: please make sure you bring your own portable ashtray. I see many people re-purposing the metal `Eclipse’ mints tins for this purpose. They have a closing lid and they are a great size.

*Drinkers: NO GLASS NO GLASS NO GLASS!!! Please ensure you transfer any glass bottled drinks into other non-glass containers before you come down to the zone. iI you drink beer, buy cans or pub pets. If you drink wine or spirits, please decant. Any glass bottles seen in the zone, full or not will be confiscated by event staff (We are happy for you to have the glass in your tent or car). This is for obvious safety reasons more than anything else. We dance bare foot and there are farm animals here when we are not.
Please bring what you need, BUT PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

*Make sure you take home EVERYTHING you bring with you. This includes your tent, belongings and any artwork you may be contributing to the show.

*No litter: There will be very few bins available on site and all guests are asked to be responsible for all of their own rubbish and take it home with them. Unlike the larger events we do not have a massive budget for clean up crews etc, so it will be done on a volunteer basis by friends, likely YOUR friends wink emoticon so give them a break aye.
**It has been suggested that we have a $20 rubbish bag deposit per car that enters the site. We give you a bag when you arrive and you give us $20. When you leave you show us the used rubbish bag and we give you the $20 back… what do you think?

*Car pool: Please see our carpool page here:ॐ-Car-Pool

Please let us know your thoughts on all of this, and if indeed you have any ideas that we could add to this.

Paul & Anna

Aum ProductionsSustainability