About Us

Our passion is people. Our art is breaking boundaries & preconceived ideas about what an event should be to deliver Joyful, inclusive, SUSTAINABLE, cutting edge, COLOURFUL, mind-blowing, ARTISTIC productions. Our reward is your experience. We create from the heart with eternal gratitude. Thank you!

To create something brand new.  To be a local platform for the music and art we love. To build a platform for all kinds of incredible art, ideas, interactions and creativity. To support in real terms, the beautiful artists of all kinds whom we are so privileged to have in our lives.

A New direction in Light and Sound.

Aum Productions is a love story that began with this sentence: “Let’s create an event and feel the joy of giving & receiving. Together.”

What is important to us?

  • Inclusiveness. Kindness and love. Sustainability. Integrity
  • Music: At ॐ music is sacred. Our dance-floors are our church. We aim to bring you the most soul uplifting sounds from here at home and all around the world. The most cutting edge musical art with a no compromise attitude and zero interest in `following the leader’ or playing `what’s popular’. Essentially we know what we love, we listen to what you love, and that’s what matters to us. Expect the most delicious aural vibes created by the most talented musicians possible. Expect the unexpected. Expect to be moved!
  • Art: We include as much art in all of it’s forms, wherever possible at our events. We support art and artists and give colour and vibrancy to everything we do. Each year we grow more and more in to this and our events are now becoming a recognised platform for supporting NZ and international artists. Our festivals is not just a place to view art, it is a place to DO art! So please do.
  • Originality: Whilst we know almost everything that can be done in events, has been done. So we can’t truly claim to be originators in this industry. But we can strive to bring a new approach to our shows and introduce fresh combinations of ideas so that every time someone pays us their hard earned money to support our events, they enter a new place… hear a new sound and are enveloped in a new environment. We will constantly upgrade and update our productions to keep it all fresh and interesting. Never turning out the `same old formula’ just so we can cash in.
  • A strong business ethic: Naturally we want to keep doing this and keep growing in ways that we can bring you bigger, brighter and better productions each time. For this to happen we need to ensure that the business end of Aum Productions is well managed and maintained.
  • Sustainability: We are striving to ensure sustainability in all areas of our business. From our business model itself, to the inclusion and support of local artists, suppliers and contributors, to the creation and delivery of zero waste events where we wish to be as environmentally conscious as possible at all times.
  • Psytrance: We love all forms of musical art. But we LOVE psytrance in all of it’s forms. Our main stage will always be the temple for our love.

What is our core ethos?

  • In our mind entertainment is one of the most important aspects of society. All throughout history entertainment has been used as a time in an individuals life to get away from the survival (working) aspects of life. A time where people let down their barriers to interact, to grow, to experiment, to fall in love, to mate, to let themselves go in ways unheard of as they engage in this magnificent journey of life and spirituality. This can leave a person `vulnerable’ so we take our job very seriously indeed. Entertainment can and is used `negatively’ all around us. Greed and selfish motives can behind much of this sacred industry. We want no part in this kind of activity. We don’t even portend to be here to `educate’ you or to `transform’ you… That is up to you. Our job is one of giving not teaching. We want to create environments that are safe in every way, that are designed for communication at all levels be it meeting new people, dancing, sharing a space immersed in art, or whatever it is you feel like doing at that time… so long at doesn’t harm another of course. Careful attention will be paid to safety, lighting, comforts, music and all aspects of each event. We will never take you for-granted or use you just to make our living. We are truly humbled by the gift of being able to do this, and we will treat you and our job with the highest respect at all times. We are grateful beyond words.

What is our plan for the future?

  • Well that would be telling 😉 Let’s just say that we have some very big plans and the momentum to give them a go. We really do hope you will join us for the ride and promise to keep it as exciting and beautiful as possible.


In the mean time, until we meet again or for the first time,

Thank you so so much for all of the love and support

We love you all


Anna & Paul

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