ॐ – 19 June 2015


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“All beings are vast multidimensional masters. They may be exploring divinity or limitation, but they are masters nonetheless.”

We would like to humbly and warmly welcome you all to the first of our winter indoor shows, and the next stage in the journey of ॐ, to be held on the Winter Solstice.

In keeping with our mantra `a new direction in light and sound’ we have devised something very unique indeed for you to lose yourself in. Something we hope will simply blow you and your mind in to another realm. Another dimension! The production for this event will be an absolute first for New Zealand and Australia and is combining some of the most cutting edge ideas in the events world currently, along with our own blending of art & nature. For this ॐ show we go full 3D!
And thanks to Pete TheKiwi who delighted us all at our festival, we now have the technology to do this magical show.

ॐ art/ environment
Upon arrival you will be handed your own pair of ChromaDepth® 3D (C3D™) glasses and you will be urged to put them on as you enter our especially designed multi-room environment.

In the main room you will be completely immersed in a multi-dimensional wonderland of psychedelic art, sculpture, incredible audio visual technical wizardry including 3D mapping and custom 3D installations that will draw you into worlds untraveled, all to complement a special lighting rig of UV, effects and real 3d laser systems. If you manage to move from your spot 😉 in the second room you will become entangled in a 3d psychedelic jungle, full of trickery and surprises to delight your senses. All of them!

There will be artists working on site, performers, and all manner of amazing humans combining to bring you an experience like no other before it. This really will be something else.

ॐ music
Please expect a very special line-up of incredible talent covering multiple genre’s of only the most cutting edge sounds available from around the world. As with all of our shows we will be aiming to build the entire event into a journey of mind, body & soul and we have carefully chosen the line-up for the Winter Solstice to fully carry over the theme for the evening. Full artist release in a few weeks, but you can expect a tight selection of massive techno & psytrance this time around, friends… This show will be absolutely kicking!

What are ChromaDepth® 3D (C3D™) glasses?
C3DTM is the only 3D image display method ever created that can be easily applied in a colour medium. This process allows spectacular 3D images to be created and presented in print, film, video, television, computer graphics, and laser show formats. The ChromaDepth® 3D process enables the creation of “normal” looking colour images that can be viewed as two dimensional (2D) images alone, but jump into 3D when viewed with the revolutionary ChromaDepth® 3D Glasses.
The amazing and clear ChromaDepth® 3D Glasses use sophisticated micro-optics to transform colour images into true stereo 3D.

The venue
Situated right in the heart of the Auckland CBD our venue has a capacity of a little over 300 over two beautiful rooms with high ceilings, the most beautiful entrance way, a covered smoking area, good clean toilets, comfortable lounge furniture and carpet to stomp on rather than hard floors which breed sore psy feet! Located on the ground floor of a magnificent art-deco building that was originally constructed for the Freemasons, much of the original architecture remains today, giving it the kind of elegance that complements any occasion. … and boy oh boy have we got an occasion for you! This event comes complete with no-attitude, all friendly door staff you will be pleased to know. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a night club 🙂

Thank you for your amazing support at the last five incredible shows, including your festival where you all humbled us both beyond belief… together we have created something very special indeed…

Aum Productionsॐ – 19 June 2015