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ॐ Winter Solstice 19/06/2015 – What a night! – REVIEW

Thank you all so much for your support once again! The Winter Solstice held on June 19th 2015 was a huge success selling out and maxing our capacity of 450 three whole weeks before the show. There was a frenzy on-line for tickets which included daily messages, emails and txts to us at ॐ headquarters, along with dozens upon dozens of requests for tickets on our event and Aum Productions Facebook pages, and we even saw tickets selling for more than twice their face value on Trademe weeks out from the show! Wow! Amazing stuff. This show really has marked an upturn in for the north island Psytrance scene with the biggest turnout to a Psytrance gig for years… and it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

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The night was again filled with beautiful smiling faces, hugs, wonderful conversations and two heaving dancefloors that did not let up for one minute from start till finish. You beautiful humans turned out in all kinds of magnificent outfits, body paints and costumes, all with a desire to rock the floor and man did you bring the VIBE! BOOM J Certainly seems like this is the norm now with the supporters of ॐ events… the warmest, most up-for-it, electric, joyous, sharing vibe any event could ever hope for. Take a bow! You are all simply beautiful. Not only are you a pleasure to party with, but the venues used can’t believe just how gorgeous you all are to cater to. No rubbish left around, no bad attitudes, and smiling polite customers that take their glasses to the bar and ask for ashtrays in the smoking area… You really are a dream. Did you know that the greatest compliments we get at all of our events, Winter Solstice included, are “no guys hassled us, we were free to be ourselves” from people new to the ॐ experience, both the young women and young lads. You have no idea just how much of a compliment that is to us… Wow. We really are so privileged to have the level of communication and comfort during our shows. A true expression of what we strive for in life I guess? Togetherness. Love.

Oh and the music! The techno jungle decorated by the incredible OJ looked like a 3d psychedelic trip into the Amazon where the techno shaman delivered their heady brew to transport you away from the mundane and into the extraordinary. Kicking off with the exceptional talent of Marcus Morgan, the room soon filled and the temperature rose as he twisted his already honed turntablist skills up another notch. The smiles flowed and the groove was set. Next up was ॐ resident Protocol, this time whipping up a techno storm of whomp for us all. Soon the room was resonating like a bass chamber as his huge sound started to beat the walls from their foundations. Heads, minds and bodies twisted in true Protocol fashion and then it was the turn of a true New Zealand techno legend, non-other than scene veteran and absolute master; Matt Drake. By now the room was already heaving and of course a few more squeezed in to feel the vibes that were about to be laid on. Matt delivered. Big time! Everyone in the room was treated to a different type of selection that Matt had put together especially for ॐ. This set was up to the minute fresh, slick and oh so FAT! With Matt’s incredible technical abilities shining bright, the crowd seriously got down and smiled their asses off. Closing the Techno Jungle room were the sophisticated, smooth beats of another veteran, DJ E.R. exactly what the doctor ordered for a closing set.

The main room which was wall to wall colour, decorated especially to create stunning visuals through the supplied 3d Chromadepth glasses, yet remain open and clutter free was a real treat. Everywhere you looked there was something interesting to capture your eye. From the amazing 3d live painting of Jamie Larnach which was raffled to a lucky winner after the show, to the stunning stage centre piece constructed for the show by beautiful human Matt Brown, which was projection mapped by our resident AV masters Daniel Davis and Jessica Hopklins, to the astonishing psychedelic backdrops provided by Pete the Kiwi, the mind blowing custom made 3d fractal graphics made by Marcus Morgan (Yes, the opening DJ in the Techno Jungle – the guy is a legend!), to the laser systems and other carefully placed lighting tricks which moved the room, the people and bounced off the incredible fabric work that swathed every wall and created the depth, colour and movement seen so clearly in the photographs from the night.

As for the music, the mighty Funktion One rig delivered chunky bass all night long and the Djs for the night were simply out of this world. Kicking off with ॐ resident Rachael Sabin, we were treated to a slick dose of intelligent tech perfect for setting the vibe. Rachel’s set was truly masterful and people very quickly started to fill the floor. Less than an hour from the doors opening we were well underway and the place felt AMAZING! Following Rach’ it was time to hit the psychedelic button and another ॐ resident and crowd favourite stepped up to the booth. Froggman had prepared something very special indeed for this show and as usual we were in for a treat. Mind blowing progressive psychedelic stomp ensued as the Frogman turned the sophisticated dial up to eleven and got a by now packed dancefloor squealing with joy and rooking hard. Next up was the enigmatic energy of prog-master Sonic Climax. Often referred to as `The Machine’ the brother certainly packed his set full of absolute stompers. All beautifully mixed and dropped like psychedelic bombs on a now sweating and seriously stomping dancefloor, the German delivered BIG TIME. What a treat. Finally to close the show ॐ resident Ferksta steps up to the altar to deliver his closing sermon. The floor did not ease up one iota during the last two hours of Ferksta’s own blend of progressive psychedelic trance & psytech. It was as if the room actually hit yet another gear when normally most gigs are beginning to wind down for the last act. The floor swirled, grooved and whooped and smiled and hugged their way through Ferksta’s set and the whole place was busting shapes like a madman! BOOM! It went off… and when the music ended, after the crowd cheered for the encore and got it… the lights went up and as people said their goodbyes the most beautiful thing I have EVER witnessed at any party anywhere happened… All of a sudden we turned around to see 40, maybe 50 beautiful people forming a mass group hug in the middle of the dancefloor. WOW. At that moment the whole place just exploded with love. I melted at seeing this… this is how it should be. Automatic, un-panned expressions of love and togetherness. In an instant we all celebrated the truth that many of us hold so dear. The truth we cannot escape…. We are all one! ONE LOVE!

All in all it was the details that again made this event stand out. The custom built air-conditioning system that kept everyone at a tolerable temperature, the coat-check and amazing door staff which greeted us all so wonderfully and made everyone feel like they had just got home upon arrival. The many hidden treasures of the production put in place by our wonderful team. The line-up which flowed so well with amazing sets by all. But most importantly I guess what makes these events so special is the stunning crowd and the amazing team of people that we have managed to put together to pull these technically difficult shows off. So much effort and love goes in to each show our team does, and it was yet again fully evident at the Winter Solstice. Thank you is simply not a big enough word… We are humbled and honoured by you all. You are amazing.


Let’s do it again. Make sure you get sorted for ॐ Kaleidoscope and ॐ NYE before they sell out.


ॐ –  Kaleidoscope

Saturday 5th September 2015 at Studio the Venue

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ॐ – NYE 2015 – Psychedelic Wonderland (5 DAY FAMILY FESTIVAL)

Monday 28th December to Saturday 2nd January 2015 at `Wonderland’ 155 Wilson Road, South Head, Auckland (45 min drive from central Auckland)

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Early bird tickets on sale NOW:

Massive love and respect to you all
Anna & Paul
AUM Productions – ॐ
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