Mission Statement

Aum Productions is a love story that began with this sentence: “Let’s create an event and feel the joy of giving & receiving. Together.”


Our mission is to create gorgeous, sustainable, original, cutting edge, friendly and safe environments for beautiful people and tribes to gather and celebrate as one. To explore and share in the abundance of love, music and art in this world. To be a platform for all kinds of incredible art, music, ideas, interactions and creativity. To support in real terms, the beautiful artists of all kinds whom we are so privileged to have in our lives.


Our passion is people. We create from the heart with eternal gratitude.



At ॐ, music is sacred. Our dance-floors are our church. We aim to bring you the most soul uplifting sounds from here at home and all around the world. Expect delicious cutting edge aural vibes created by talented musicians, from the old legends to the brand new. All playing their art through excellent sound systems on gorgeous stages. Expect the unexpected. Expect to be moved.




We include as much art in all of its forms wherever possible at our events. We actively support art and artists in every way we can and try to bring colour and vibrancy to everything we do. AUM is not just a place to view art, it is a place to DO art! So please do join in.




We want this to last so we are striving to ensure sustainability in all areas of our business. From our business model itself, to the inclusion and support of local artists, suppliers and contributors, to the creation and delivery of zero waste events where we wish to be as environmentally conscious as possible at all times.



Anna & Paul
Aum Productions


What is important to us?



Kindness and love.